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How Compression Garments Have Brought About a Revolution in Cricket Clothing!

Every sports activity has its own share of risks and dangers and so does cricket. Have you ever thought what if your clothes had given you a superb protection from the injuries that usually occur while you are participating in game of 22 yards? It would have been great, right?


Yes, the cricket clothing manufacturers have understood your requirements and they are arriving with a whole new range of compression clothing that will cater to what you need. Though basically used as a running garment, the compression outfits have made quite a glorious entry into the array of cricket clothing. If you are yet to have a hold of them, check out what benefits it offers!


•  Therapeutic benefits:

Compression clothes are said to have a plethora of therapeutic benefits that will help you stay fit while you are on and out of the playground. Here are few of them!


1. Protection from injuries:

Compression clothes are medically structured to offer you the protection from injuries like muscle sprain or twist. The cricket clothing manufacturers are now crafting compression clothes that are perfect for Cricket. Whether you are running to gain scores or chasing the ball to stop it from crossing the boundary, a compression jersey can really keep your delicate muscles and tendons safe from all injuries.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers UK

2. Increased Muscle Flexibility:

When you slip into those tight-fitting yet flexible outfits, it supports your muscles as well as adds to its suppleness. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be for you to run or bend and move your muscles. While you play cricket, you require running, jumping and most of the time stretching of the muscles. This necessitates you to wear the compression garments. If you do not know where to look for these garments, you must check out the stores of the reputed cricket clothing manufacturers UK.


3. Placebo Effect of Compression clothes:

Studies show that compression clothing has a positive effect on the mind of the wearer which makes them perform better. The tight grip around the skin provides support and helps you feel more at ease. However, if the climate is humid, then compression clothes are not recommended underneath your usual clothes while playing as it may generate excess heat.


•  Style Quotient:

Needless to say, when you appear in the playground, you create an impression on the audience by your stylish look. The cricket clothing manufacturers are not only taking care of the quality but they are also creating stylish items that will make you stand out in the crowd.


Right Cricket Clothing Makes all the Difference

So, you are a die-hard cricket fan, thinking of starting your lessons, you must be pretty excited! Well, like all the other amateur cricketers, if you are feeling nervous about your first time playing the sport like a pro, there are preparations you can take that will get you more ready for it. Well, for starters, you need to select the right clothing items for practice and matches. Knowing what to wear when playing the sport is essential. The products of the leading cricket clothing manufacturers are usually high end. There are, however, certain factors that you will need to keep in mind before making the purchase.


Fitting plays a crucial role no matter what type of clothing you are buying. The same applies to sports clothing as well. Especially in case of cricket, players need to move around a lot. So they require something that is not either tightly fitted nor is too baggy. Getting the right fit for the jersey and the trousers is absolutely essential.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers USA

Sweat wicking properties:

Both the jersey and the trouser should be made of materials that have good breath ability and sweat wicking properties. You may be a great fan of cotton, which does absorb moisture well but is slow when it comes to drying it off. Synthetic, silk and wool, on the other hand, have great sweat wicking properties. That is why sports clothing made of these materials are great. Most of the renowned cricket jersey manufacturers use these materials for creating their products.

Design & Comfort:

The level of comfort depends on the combination of the factors mentioned above. If the fitting is right and the materials are breathable, the cricket uniform is bound to be comfortable. As for the design, it needs to be mentioned that sports fashion is now a thing! Cricket clothing manufacturers USA make great efforts to make their designs stand out. Combining sports and fashion is the prime motto of most of the sports clothing manufacturers of today.


Keep these three factors in mind, and you will be all set to begin your lessons. Start looking and get ready for shopping!


Choosing Cricket Clothing Manufacturers Made Easy

Cricket is one sport that totally unites a nation and its people in the spirit of the game. The spirit of the game is a binding force and so is the jersey worn by the team representing the country or team. Which brings us to understand the importance of a custom cricket clothing- apart from uniting the whole team in the essence of the game, it is also like an identity for the team to be recognized and followed. Cricket has set many universal trends that people still follow religiously, especially the style quotient of your favorite team or its players. How many of us cannot identify Malinga, the Sri Lankan bowler? Well, thanks to his hair, which serves as his style statement. Even the Afghanistan Cricket Team, which might be comparatively new in the scenario can be identified easily, all thanks to their exclusive and attractive jersey.

Cricket Clothing Manufacturers

Cricket clothing manufacturers should to be one who can provide a team with an exclusive design that will make the team stand out from a pool of other teams and also unites the team members with the motto of the team. And not to forget that they can make possible any alterations and exclusivity in the designs. Usually, the traditional cricket jerseys are white in color because cricket was known as a gentleman’s game! Also, it was a uniform because the Lords of England used to wear white tracks and since then, it has been passed on from generation to generations in all cricket players to wear white!


A cricket jersey should be made of moisture wicking material to keep the body feeling fresh and sweat free. Also, moisture tends to weigh down the body, especially with cotton materials, which affects the performance of the player and also making them feel uncomfortable. So, it’s best to stick to sweat absorbing materials which are stretchy and give enough space and freedom for movement. That way, movement will neither be restricted and performance on field will be at its best! A good cricket jersey can really accelerate performance on your ‘the’ day!


So, the next time, choose your cricket clothing manufacturer carefully!

Order for Unique Customized Cricket Shirts from e stores of Manufacturers

There are now unlimited options of the styles and cuts in cricket shirts that are available online. The most style oriented and fashionable collection can be seen on websites of highly renowned web stores that are practically high activity virtual brand stores of cricket shirts manufacturers and suppliers.These e stores are a constant hub of activity as thousands of orders are catered to from across the world from these signature stores.


The popularity of all such e stores that provide such facilities to clients is due to many reasons. One of them is that you can get just about any type of high quality cricket shirt right under one roof, and that too at very price effective rates.There are lots and lots of styles, cuts, fits, colors that you can select from.

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All reputed cricket shirts manufacturers ensure that each of their products have the quality to match up to international levels and standards, so as to provide maximum comfort along with elegant look and great fit to enhance the personality of the wearer.


Whether you are looking out for a regular cricket shirt, a promotional cricket shirt or even a cricket shirt for an entire team or group, you can simply login and browse through the various set of collections. There are all kinds and variants of cricket shirts that can be perfect for any special event, tournament or competition. Select the type you require and submit it. You will get an immediate feed back with price quote and other relevant details.


However, if you feel that there is not a single piece in the collection, which matches up to your requirements, there are options for you to customize your shirt and ask for specifications as per your likes and wants. All top cricket shirts manufacturers provide facilities for customized order placements, that too at no extra costs, so that you can get exactly what is required to make your cricket shirts unique and specialized that makes it easy for team identification.