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Amazing Style Trends Brought in by Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Each year, a number of style trends come and go, but the one that is constant since the last few years would be the athletic fashion stances. With the rise of activewear options in the clothing industry, the workout fanatics are also making it a point to strut in stylishly at the gym or yoga classes in their best outfits, with confidence. The state- of- the- art options that are made available to the fashionable fitness freak men and women, are available in a wide array of varieties. From the sublimated printed leggings, to active onesies, the cut-out tops and funky sports bras, or loose -fitted joggers, you can go to places in these activewear pieces, be it purely to the workout sessions or even to the casual occasions. For both men and women, the galore options are made possible by the leading wholesale manufacturers and designers taking cues from the models and celebs.


If you are wondering on which style trends has been in news this year, here are some of them that are possible in the athletic clothes crafted by leading wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers.Wholesale Workout Leggings

The flashy shimmering gear

From the natural flex patterns to the reflectivity patterns, the flash and shimmering activewear gear is very much in trend today. The clothing pieces and shoes come in multi-colored patterns and glossy prints that reflect a very shiny fashion stance, liked by many. If you are confident enough to wear them, go ahead and try something novel and different from the rest. Go for the flashy shoes, the jackets, and the accessories that add something very funky to your usual workout look.

The primary colors are back

The primary colors that constitute of the red, yellow, and blue shades are back in craze, after replacing the neutrals that reigned for a long time in activewear industry. The most basic of color palettes, the designers from all over the world are drawing their inspiration from these for the different forms of activewear pieces. Though simple, they offer the most striking combinations.

Athleisure is here to stay

The athleisure is a trend here to stay for being so comfortable and easy, and hence the reputed wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers are crafting the workout clothes in sync with this trend. The retailers and private label brands are making it easier for the everyday woman to switch between gym, work or grocery store with ease.

Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Mesh and compressions fabrics are definitely in

The newest range of fabrics are bring introduced as materials for gym gears. The designers are giving way to the fabrics that are lighter, opaque on body, dry faster and breathe better, wicking sweat and moisture easily. The seamless, mesh and compression fabrics are best, and incorporated in the activewear pieces in different areas to give utmost comfort to the wearers.

The conventional tops with contemporary twists

The traditional tanks and tees are constant, with laser cut venting for proper airflow, or open backs, curved drop tail hems or strappy cuts. These look great in different pop of colors, looking best in different occasions, be it to gym, to pool parties or beach outings.

Charming bold prints

The crazy patterns and bold prints or charming colors are very much in, and look absolutely fun for the women who love to carry different attires to gym classes. Get the printed wholesale workout leggings in vibrant colors.


4 Ways to Wear Leggings Like a Queen

The fashion industry has evolved much over, but it is actually the fitness industry that surprises us. Leggings are that one fitness-fashion piece which has won much attention over the last few years, owing to its superior make and nifty design. But how do wear it so as to look like a gorgeous diva? Well, here are four ways to do so. Follow the guidelines and you will make jaw-dropping appearances every time.

For the rainy day

Though a pair of shorts works really well for rainy days, you can’t just walk around anywhere wearing a pair of leggings, expecting to get accepted by the people around. There is dress decorum to maintain. But what satisfies the criteria of comfort and style at the same time? Yes, a pair of leggings. And guess what, it works well with rain boots. Pick a colorfully printed pair and team it with a tank top and a scarf to look elegant. For accessories, use an umbrella.

Workout Leggings Manufacturers

For office wear

When going to the office, you have to play along with conventionalism. The best way to go for it is by teaming your favorite pair of leggings in any dark shade with a nice flannel shirt. The catch here is that both flannel shirt and leggings work well with each other and look formal enough to pass the office sartorial rulebooks. A pair of pumps for footwear will complement the entire look, whereas, a scarf can be used to amplify the overall impact.

For running the errands

See the thing is, you can always run an errand after you are done with your workout session. Wholesale fitness apparel suppliers have crafted leggings that are easy on the skin and incorporate a number of shades and patterns. If you are the one who combines a sports bra with a pair of leggings, all you need to do is wear a jacket (like a bomber) or hoodie on top to look cool but not lazy. A pair of trainers is already set on your feet, thus walking will not be a major problem.

Wholesale Workout Leggings

For going to a movie (date)

A movie theatre is a place where you go to relax, to unwind, thus a certain level of laziness works fine. But if you are on a date, dressing up, and precisely dressing up smart is of utmost importance. All you need to do is pick a pair of leggings in mono color and team it with a tank top and a pair of pumps. Throw over a cape for added dramatization and you are good to go. Wholesale workout leggings can be purchased by retailers from the top manufacturers.


Thus, your pair of leggings is all you need to look like a queen. Wear it the right way and you will be winning glares, compliments, and hearts. Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have a plethora of leggings displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers at discounted prices.


Let’s Revise the Do’s and Don’ts of Styling up the Wholesale Workout Leggings

It is not a new trend to wear the leggings; however, the definition of slipping on to them has changed. There was a time when wearing the leggings only was limited to the shiny, glossy or the fancy ones. Now today, the trend has received a twisted turn and the women are focusing more on the fitness leggings that are flexible, elastic and comfortable. Vouching on the athleisure style statement, the bottom wear essentials have made it to the mainstream clothing industry, pushing women to take up the conventional legging wearing style.


Now, the retailers have come up with a wide array of fitness leggings collection that range from the printed ones, to mesh leggings, the color blocked, capri cut and much more that are versatile enough to be worn to the fitness sessions, yoga classes and also to parties and casual outings.


But you might not be totally sure about the etiquettes to wear the workout leggings, and hence we have brought in some of the do’s and don’t’s to try out the wholesale workout leggings with confidence.Wholesale Workout Leggings

Give a shot to matchy matchy

You might have an idea that doing the matchy matchy style would be something overrated and outdated. But this has been always recommended by the fashion bloggers, and the celebs also are resorting to this. Hence, to bring in some novel change, you can definitely try out the matchy matchy style as you team the fitness printed or single colored leggings with similar kind of tops in any style.

The coordination is important

You need to keep in mind that the leggings and tops or jacket you are wearing is in coordination and sync, and hence you have to wear the printed leggings or colored leggings that complements the tops or tee you are wearing with it. If you wear something out of the place, then the attire becomes a hotchpotch.

Play with fun layers

Give some proportion to your outfit as you team the leggings with a number of playful and colorful layers. Add the tee to it with a denim jacket or leather jacket, or simple wear the tank top with a chambray or flannel shirts over the pair of leggings you are wearing. This will offer some volume to the outfit for a major transformation.

Don’t be too clingy with the top

If you want to wear a flattering outfit, you have to try out a loose- fitted tee or a top that has a decent silhouette. The pair of leggings created by one of the leading wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers itself is tight and hence you cannot create something very out of the place with the tight top or outerwear again.Workout Leggings Wholesale

Tall boots look good

You might be bored with the same old sneakers teamed with the yoga or fitness leggings at the workout classes and looking for some change. You can team up the leggings with the thigh rising tall boots that complement each other perfectly and look apt for the parties.

Go oversized with tops

You can come out of your shell and try something funky and sloppy. Wear the oversized and slouchy tees with the tight- fitted leggings, and look absolutely rocking with the right balance of outfits.

Crop top shenanigans

The high-waist leggings must be offered the much required retro twist as you pair them up with the crop tops that have come back once again to the fashion scenario. Also, buy the gym crop tees produced by the reputed wholesale fitness apparel suppliers and wear them with your gym shorts and leggings to fitness classes.


7 Looks to Try Out When Working Out This Winter

Winter is here! And we also know that exercising is important. Working out daily keeps the equilibrium between the mind and body maintained. You might not be a conformist gym person and like it outdoors. No snow and frost should be able to stop you from being healthy, especially with the festive season here and the non-stop gorging fest devouring the best of us. So if you are feeling sluggish, then here is a perfect motivation for you. Following is a list of stylish clothing combination that you can totally try in this chill as wholesale workout clothing manufacturers have a great line assembled only for you.

Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

1…. The first look to try out is something that is very basic. All you need are your regular gym clothes. Ananimal printed tank top paired with solid jersey leggings worn under a puffer jacket will help you stand out. A pair of low top sneakers in neon shades will provide a right edge to this simple yet modish ensemble.

2…. If you are planning to go for a run early in the morning, then this look can be your pick. A proper fitted sports bra in neon can be worn with a high compression legging in grey. The look can be completed with a pair of running shoes in basic shades of black or grey. A sleeveless quilted jacket and a pair of gloves will keep you protected from the icy early morning wind. A printed headband will not only keep your hair in place but will also lend you a cute appearance.

3…. The third one is for all those dare hearts who want to stay in touch with their fashionable side with all regards to the weather. A layered look is what you should opt for. A solid sports bra combined with a colour block leggings will work wonders for you for it will create an illusion of stratums. A pair of sneakers and a beanie in bright and vibrant colour can be great choices for accessories.

4…. Adorable and charming, the fourth ensemble will help you garner compliments from all the onlookers. You can match a solid t-shirt with a pair of printed sweatpants that have cuffed hem. White trainers, quilted jacket and knitted beanie with pompoms can be very endearing.

5…. Again for the women who want to take it outdoors! Team your high compression leggings with a jersey sports bra, with both in contrasting shades of solid. Biker gloves will keep your hands protected, while a running jacket will shield you from the wrath of winter. A pair of running shoes in conventional palette will keep your feet protected.

6…. Designed for all the ladies who want take it rough, a racer back sports bra with printed leggings are the perfect combination. A graphic hoodie and a pair of casual sneakers will lend you the edge and help you make a distinct statement.

7…. If you are looking for something quirky and eccentric, then a bodysuit in vivid and vibrant shade can be your best friend. Combine it with a well-fitted jacket in some basic tones will help you avoid being too flashy. A beanie will help you keep you protected from the chilly winds. A pair of running shoes in the same tinge wills only oomph up your sex appeal making heads turn.


Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers are giving great opportunities to all the retailers for placing bulk orders that will help them update their store collection with the latest winter- inspired fitness clothes.


The Fitness Clothing Items which Can Effortlessly be Worn at the Casual Outings

Due to the busy lifestyle we are hooked upon, we are compelled to go to gym from work, or to some party from the gym and this makes us get freaked out with the clothes we are supposed to be wearing. But all thanks to the leading wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers who have been crafting outfits in the manner that they serve the dual role, of being perfect for the gym sessions and also for any casual outing. They have introduced the stunning outfits which can be directly won to anywhere from the workout class, and no one will even understand that you have been sweating before!


The line of differentiation between workout clothing and casual clothing has become minimal and thinner and hence, it has become way easier for women to manage their wardrobe with more options.


So here are few of those magical outfits coming to your rescue.


The dressy yoga pants

The are yoga pants, but come in the disguise of the dressy ones. They are basically crafted of rayon, but for being in the cut and structure of the yoga bottoms, they reflect both style and comfort in a fusion. You can wear them at the yoga class with a tank tee, and to the office with the coat or formal blazer. Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Fitness funky dress

The fitness dresses these days come in the elastic waistband, and a loose fit. You can wear it tucked into the track pants and workout leggings like a tank top. The flexibility of the dress allows one to change the structure and silhouette of the dress, and wear it according to the occasion you are going for.


The leggings r jeggings

The pure leggings or the jeggings can be your solution for the workout classes and the weekend scenes in office when casual is the dress code. They though look casual, but carry a class which helps you to slip into them easily without any discomfort.


The mix and match tank top

Tank tops are everywhere in the global fashion scene today, and they are versatile enough to suit any occasion. The tanks made of synthetic materials are perfect to be worn while sweating out at the gym, and also wear to an outing with a cardigan, shrug, or a jacket. Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

The structured and stylish sweatshirt

In a perfect blend of comfort and style, the structured sweatshirts work great both for gym classes and any other casual or formal outing. The wide shoulders with cinched bottom add to the amazing silhouette of the wearer, whereas the back cutout adds comfort while sweating out. You can wear this with a choker neckpiece or the scarf to add some different vibe while going somewhere directly from.


The subtle tunic

The classy tunics which come in gym ready fabrics are crafted in lovely necklines, and soft and subtle demeanor, so that they can be worn at the gym comfortably and also for any other occasions. They come in dark colored like wine red, and royal blues to add vibrancy to one’s persona.


Mesh cardigan

The mesh cardigan comes in opaque mesh fabric, with zippers and pockets. The perfect layering piece over anything, these cardigans help you to get the perfect workout meets street style stance.


Thus, with the reputed wholesale workout clothing manufacturers bringing in a revolution interms of fitness clothing, you need to stop being boring and start experimenting.


Are You (fully) Banking on the Products, Services of Your Clothing Manufacturer?

Today top wholesale workout clothing manufacturers have taken giant leaps in the industry, notching the quality of their products and services and charging relatively low for their offerings. But even then the majority of retailers fail to seize on these developments, still sticking to the traditional notions as to what manufacturers are supposed to- sell wholesale.


Are you one of these businesses? Are you fully banking on the products and services of your fashion and fitness apparel dealers? We tell you.


Here are 5 ways you’re limiting the growth of your business and the profit margin that you really deserves—5 ways you’re not taking full advantage of your clothing manufacturer.

Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

1. You’re indifferent to the dropshipping model
Dropshipping is changing the way clothing retailers and wholesalers conduct business. Selling online (and even offline) and letting the manufacturers handle all the backend hassle, including inventory management and shipping to your customers, makes running a clothing business as easy and convenient as it gets. Many manufacturers are offering dropshipping services these days and likely yours too. Are you banking on this service?


2. You’re still settling for the regular wholesale—without customizing
Customizing your apparel wholesale is not just important today, it is rather essential to survive; to appeal the specific needs and preferences of the target consumer, as well as to thrive in the hyper-competitive market. Top manufacturers provide retailers to personalize their bulk easily and quickly. Bank on it! Make your wholesale unique and please your customers on a more personal level


3. You haven’t even considered becoming a clothing distributor
While few years back becoming a clothing distributor was a distant thought with heaps of stress involved and large capital requirement, that’s not the case today. Many wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers these days are providing small businesses an easy process to apply and become their official distributor. The chance of partnering-up with these leading manufacturing brands not only offer you high profits but also open many gates of opportunities to scale your business to the next level easily. Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

4. You think small and don’t want to scale your business with your own private label line
Starting your own private line of fitness, fashion and lifestyle apparel has become as easy as it gets. Top manufacturers offer wide arrangements and easy facilities to bring this dream into a reality with their large catalogs, easy personalization, affordably priced bulk and wide distribution channels. So take a step today, plan and launch your own private label clothing line, and represent (proudly) a distinctive brand in the retail market.


5. You stress over small things instead of dialing the customer executives
Running a clothing business involves hard work and multi-tasking that could be quite stressful at times. Maybe your wholesale hasn’t yet arrived; maybe that’s not what you ordered; or maybe you want to exchange your wholesale with something different. At times like these, stress mounts. The simple solution is dialing the customer executives of the manufacturers and seeking personal assistance. Almost every top manufacturer today has dedicated customer help set up to resolve every big and small issue of the retailers. Take advantage of it.


These are the 5 offerings of your manufacturer that you’re still not banking on. Benefit from them and scale your business and improve your profit rather easily.


4 Raging Fitness Trends in 2018

In 2017, zumba was one of the favorite fitness workouts but sadly, it seems to have fallen from the list. That doesn’t mean the importance of fitness or athleisure trend is going anywhere soon…in fact, athleisure clothing is a super trend in 2018 as more and more people are opting for wearing workout clothes for carrying out daily activities. It is stretching into every corner of everyday life – from casual to formal.


Let us take a quick look at some of the hottest fitness trends in 2018.

Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

Wearable Technology

2016 alone sold more than 3 million wearable devices and the trend of wearable fitness technology is set to continue by leaps and bounds. Who wouldn’t want to track their fitness growth? The fitness watches and other gear does exactly that – measures the heart rate, takes note of the calorie intake, notes down calories burnt and so on. It is a great way to track one’s fitness progress and stay motivated towards achieving more.

Not Just Yoga, Its Power Yoga

Yoga has always been a favorite but it is somewhat laid-back and more emphasis is laid on meditation. But 2018 is all about the rise of power yoga that not just calms and connects the mind, body and soul but also helps people to work up a sweat and lose weight. The focus is on building core strength and stamina, and flexibility. Since fitness enthusiasts are keen on trying new forms of workout routines, different yoga techniques are becoming extremely popular.


To keep this trend alive and kicking, wholesale workout clothing manufacturers are equally working hard to design and create yoga wear for men and women made from sophisticated, high-end fabrics that wick off moisture and complete with on-trend colors and prints to give it a luxe appeal. Women, especially, are opting for wearing yoga pants as regular wear over denims.Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Races Dented with Obstacles

Running is too mainstream for serious exercise addicts. After a point, it is all about challenging oneself and overcoming it with great shizz. Obstacle races are the new kid in town that saw 4.9 million people participating. It requires extreme levels of fitness and the right kind of clothing to complete it successfully. Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers are leaving no stones unturned to supply to the demand of better and improved quality running gear. From sports bras, tank tops, running pants, shorts, fitness tees to hooded jackets, each clothing item is made from quick dry fabric, seamless technology and intricate style details are worked into it so that one looks as good as one performs. With the right amount of spandex blend, it allows fitness freaks to stretch, bend and do everything to overcome the obstacles.

High-intensity Interval Training

2018 has seen the rise of yet another power-packed workout routine-high-intensity interval training. This activity basically involves in taking part in short bursts of intense exercise that is followed by short rest periods. This workout routine is amazing for losing weight and building fitness quickly. Compression garments are perfect for this kind of activity since these garments help in prompt recovery, better circulation and prevents muscle injury.


As you can see, fitness has become a part and parcel of daily life and exercise enthusiasts are always on the lookout for more. The best workout clothes and accessories from reputed manufacturers help health freaks to keep going forward!


Ahtleisure is Not a Fad…Are You Taking Note?

As with every new trend that takes the fashion industry by a storm over a period of say a year or so, athleisure too was thought to be a fad which would huff and puff but then soon run its course and never be used in the style lexicon again. But hold your horses because this trend is not going anywhere – in fact, athleisure has made fitness and sports clothing the new fashion! It has been affecting the sales of high-end fashion and designing houses in sort of a permanent way and unlike what industry experts previously anticipated, this style is going nowhere!Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

Athleisure is Rocking the World of Fashion

Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers cannot but embrace this new fitness craze because from the very start, it has proved really good business. It grew with such rapidity that it became a separate category within the clothing industry. It is solely responsible for taking those stretchy leggings and neon crop tops out of the confines of the gym and into everyday, casual wear. As more and more people embrace fitness as a lifestyle, athleisure continues to maintain its high place.


Time to Beef Up Your Fitness Clothing Offerings!

Embrace this new fitness clothing mania and improve your product offerings to pamper your customers. Your target audience, like the rest of the world, is looking for practical workout wear that is heavily inspired from a street style vibe. It is no longer only about performance but also about looking relaxed, cool and appealing. Activewear in this category is designed from technologically engineered fabrics that quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture and sweat while it is complete with hot colors, bold motifs and interesting prints worked into it for it to have a luxe appeal. Some of the popular styles that you can stock up on are:

Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturers

1. Versatile and flexible leggings displaying luxurious graphic prints

2. Yoga pants in varying lengths that women are also preferring to wear it to office with long blouse or smart blazer

3. Stretchable yoga pants for men featuring drop crotch styles and tapered ankles that do not make the guys look feminine or funny

4. Sports bras with mesh lining in quirky prints and fabulous strappy details such as racerback, crisscross and so on, as well as bras with hoods for that extra zing

5. Shorts for men with highlighted sides and drawstrings and for women featuring style-inspired waistband complementing with the color of the shorts

6. Tank tops in myriad hues and tones, prints and patterns as well as strap styles


For a better idea and more options, get in touch with leading wholesale workout clothing manufacturers and jazzy up your fitness and sports clothing collection today!


The Different Types of Fitness Clothing Pieces to Choose for Each and Every Workout Type

So as the truth lies in the fact that proper clothes and dressing sense imparts the right level of confidence, it goes the same for the workout fanatics too. Going to the gym often sounds boring and monotonous, and of course, who would like to wake up in the morning and hit the gym to burn up few calories? Instead dozing off a bit longer seems a plausible idea. To push you more towards the sweaty classes, you need to have a proper wardrobe with the right clothes stashed in for the much required inspiration. One must definitely feel comfortable and enjoy wearing them, so that apart from conveniently doing the movements and postures; she can also flaunt her toned body and play with the assets well.

Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

When it comes to working out by dancing, yoga, or gym, there is no particular fashion rule to follow; all you need to do is be confident in your own skin and happy in what you have worn. The leading fitness clothing manufacturers are also giving a lot of options to the women so that they can spruce up their activewear collections double the meter in terms of style.

Stay simple while warming up

For the basic warm up sessions be it at the gym or the yoga class, it is advisable to stay simple and dress minimum so that a maximum level of comfort can be obtained. Go for the long tank tops which do not cling on to the body, teamed with capris, and if it is cold, then get hold of the fitness jacket. Also, while warming up, the right pair of shoe is highly crucial.

Weight lifting enthusiasts

If you are the one whose favourite part of the workout session at the gym is to lift weights,then make sure you do not slip into revealing clothes like tanks or camisoles. Go for the short sleeved crew neck fitness tees crafted by the notable wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers, and team this with the printed running shorts for maximum freedom of body movement. Fitness Apparel Manufacturers USA

Fun cardio

For the cardio exercises, make sure you have a lot of fun with the colors you are wearing. It is not necessarily important to experiment with the styles and designs of the clothes, as at time, you can also invest into a number of colors and shades and mix them up to uplift your mood. Mix the solid colors with prints, and go for the bright and vibrant hues to add funk to your happy ensemble! This will definitely help you get the right mood to workout positively and energetically. After all colors act as a therapy to mind!

Soothing yoga time

Women who indulge into the soothing and peaceful yoga sessions, love to wear clothes which are subdued, yet pretty to look at. Thus, the coral or the pastel shades and the girlie prints look great when worn for the yoga classes. Match up the floral printed yoga tights with the light colored full sleeve tees and add the funky colored sneakers to give way to the most fashionable clothing sets.

Hip hop aerobics

Girls who make sure of their toned bodies through the aerobic classes, can go for something different when it comes to wearing clothes. Yes, the sport bras with tights crafted by one of the reputed fitness apparel manufacturers USA, or may be the leotards and unitards would go perfect for the aerobics sessions.