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How to Dress for Gym (3 Ways) If You’re Blessed with a Curvy Body!

You may have heard a lot of people say, “This is the gym, not a fashion show!” the significance of this statement can be found in the covers of magazines and instagram where you will find models posing in their workout clothes, looking stunning, with not a single drop of sweat on them. If they can, so can we!

Wholesale Fitness Clothing

For years, many of us (the ones that are blessed with little extra pounds) have worn anything expendable to the gym. And that has contributed zilch to the true motive of sweating so hard. If you don’t feel good about what you are wearing, the thrill you get from exercising will never be fully realised. This might have taken quite some time to understand, but now thankfully a lot of people do (and so the top brands). Being healthy does not mean to be thin; it actually means to be healthy!


So, all the curvy women out there read on for below is given a list of style tips on how to dress for gym. Happy slaying all the people who criticised you! (Pun intended).


1. The first look is about balancing comfort and style. So pick a high functioning sports bra in black and team it with a pair of black leggings. Use a pair of athletic shoes to complete the look. Make sure that the fabric used to construct the clothes allows you to breathe and stretch with ease. This look pretty much works for all types of workout (from running to yoga). You can pick the best wholesale workout clothing from top manufacturers.

Wholesale Workout Clothing

2. The second look, unlike the first one, focuses more on functionality and is perfect for indoor activities. Wear a t-shirt and a pair of capris to stay at the epitome of comfort. Shoes won’t be necessary for this particular one as you will stay inside the house. You can opt for subtle prints and textures that will help create a perfect illusion, elevating your silhouette.


3. Tank top, a pair of shorts and jacket is exactly what you need for this next look, which is perfect for the hot summer outdoor regime. Pick clothes that wick moisture, keeping you feeling fresh and relaxed. Lighter colours for the top and darker hues for the bottom will enhance your stature. The fit of the clothes should be correct, for too tight or too loose can become obstruction for you.


The above mentioned style tips are great for reference and can be used accordingly when going for a workout session. Wear anything and everything you like, as long as you are comfortable in it. That is what is important! That is what matters! So, ladies, good luck dressing! Wholesale fitness clothing as available with prominent manufacturers can be purchased in bulk by retailers while securing attractive discounts on them as well.


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Three Workout Clothes Which Can be Excellent Gifts for Fitness Addicts!

When it comes to gifting, we all start scratching our heads! Finding out the perfect gift is a tricky task, isn’t it? But if you want to be a savvy-gift giver, you just need to know what the person, who is going to receive the gift, likes the most. This will make it easy for you to choose the right gift.


Now that, many people are becoming fitness-conscious, they are heading towards the gym on a regular basis. If you have a friend who happens to be fitness addict, nothing can be a better gift than a fitness gear for him/her. Here are 3 best gifting options for those who love to keep themselves fit. Wholesale Fitness Clothing

Sublimated Hoodies:

Nowadays, all-over prints have become really popular among the fitness addicts, especially due to its long-lasting colours. So, if you have a friend who loves the gym, a sublimation hoodie can be the best gift for him. Those who want some innovative corporate and need wholesale fitness clothing must get in touch with the sublimated hoodies manufacturers who will deliver the right amount at the right time. Sublimation is also the best option when it comes to customization. If you need customized sublimated fitness hoodies to distribute among your gym members, the top workout clothes manufacturers can help you.


Sports Bra for the Fit Women:

Whether it is your mother, sister or your gym members, a sports bra can definitely keep a woman motivated for exercise. So, if you want the ladies of your gym to regularly attend your class, you can simply purchase sports bras in bulk and distribute among them. Buying in bulk will not only lower your expenses but it will also ensure the quality if you have chosen the right wholesale fitness clothing manufacturer. If you have a retail store, then bring the latest sports bras that will attract more customers to your store. Workout Clothes Wholesale

Yoga Pants for a Calmer Mind:

Motivating someone for yoga is like helping out a close friend and nothing can do it better than a pair of sleek and flexible yoga pants. The latest designs of yoga pants do not only look stylish, but these offer the ultimate comfort to the users. So, if you are looking for a gift for your yoga-lover girl-friend, then a pair of yoga leggings are the ideal. On the other hand, if you are a yoga coach and have many students who attend your class, buying yoga pants in bulk to gift each of them can be a great idea. After all yoga teaches you gratitude and you must show it first to your students who bring your class to life, shouldn’t you? Contact the top wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers to get hold of the latest yoga pants.


The Reasons Supporting the Right Selection of Fitness Clothing Items for Gym Classes

When it comes to getting the most coveted physique, which has been your aim, you should no more dress to impress, rather dress to success. Especially in the arena of fitness, you must make sure to settle down for the outfits which help to upgrade your performance, and lends you the confidence which is necessary to push you forward everyday to hot the gym. There is the age old misconception that if you are going to sweat so much, you can wear anything to the gym, and still workout comfortably. This is actually wrong, and the right wholesale fitness clothing is very essential to offer you the best convenience.


Just like you need to think about the type of clothes you are wearing to the party or to office, you also need to judge what you are wearing when you get ready to workout in style. Ditching cotton, ill fitted garments is mandatory, and your wardrobe must have a separate section for the athletic outfits only.


Wondering why do you need different clothes especially for the fitness classes? Here are some reasons to prove this.


The right clothes boost confidence

Studies have always proved the positive effect of the right clothes on your confidence level, and hence if you work hard to look great, you will work harder to perform better too. Thus, if you are in love with your gym clothes, you will definitely spend more time concentrating on the gym postures, and get a confidence which is necessary to work out with perfection. When you are equipped with the right gym wear and gear, you will get notched up with zeal, high spirits and excitement, and feel more confidence translating into better performance. Yoga Clothing

The correct athletic garments improves performance

If you are wearing something which doesn’t wick moisture, or is loose fitted, and made up of a fabric which causes chafing, you will not be able to concentrate on your workout regime. To help yourself focus more on the exercises, you need to be wearing the correct clothes which will help you pay attention on where it is needed, and not feel inconvenient due to the wrong clothes.


Adds protection and prevents injuries

If you do not want injuries to interfere with your body and fitness regime, you need to embrace the right clothes. From the tee, the track pant and the shoes, everything must be fitted well so that they do not become the reason of muscle cramps or other injuries. The right clothes will protect you from the sudden shocks, and enable better performance without any hassle.


Freedom of movement with well-fitted clothes

Just like a tight shirt can restrict your movement, a loose one can cause injuries. Hence to stop both, you need to be prepared with the clothes equipped with right line and length so that you get the ultimate freedom to move your body, and feel breathable. Focusing on movements is very important while exercising.


Compression clothing for better blood flow

To stimulate the blood flow and circulation all over the body, one needs to get decked up in compression clothing pieces. They increase the blood flow, and helps to recover quickly after any injury. The form fitted clothes apply pressure directly on the body and reduces soreness and inflammation.


Thus, be it at the swimming class, running track gym or in yoga clothing at the yoga center, the right selection of activewear is very important.


Workout Clothes to Break the Monotony: Celeb Style Coverage

Whether for the sole purpose of getting a fabulous body, or to impress the handsome hottie at the gym, clothes can actually give you the right amount of boost and motivation to step into the morning gym classes.


With good looks come great mental satisfaction, which in turn helps to sweat out in the most disciplined manner. Getting on the exercise grin is important, and cute inspirational activewear pieces can help you get the perfectly toned and polished body. After all, who doesn’t want to look sexy in the mirror while working out in the gym? Wholesale Workout ClothingBe it the neon pants, or the floral sweatshirts, shedding weight becomes fun when you have the most chic clothes to accompany you. Comfortable and chic, these outfits not only help to quench your thirst of looking good at the gym, but also helps you a channelize a number of silhouettes at the street, movie, or even while partying. The retail stores are constantly getting upgraded with trendy and elegant activewear clothing pieces from the leading wholesale workout clothing companies to satiate the fitness junkies.


We will help you get covered with the most essential and brand new workout clothes:


• Reversible sports bra is convenient
This snug fitting functional piece helps you to get the perfect silhouette and also keep you comfortable at the gym while rigorously working out. Look classy and sensuous in these reversible sports bras and wear them as crop tops with shorts or tights.


• Racer back tank top to show off some skin
If you want to show off the toned body features and make others jealous, then get hold of a racer back tank top, and team it with track pants at the gym and with denims at the usual casual strolls.


• Cotton spandex shorts: Fusion of comfort and style
Pump up your hot quotient with shorts made of cotton spandex. Body hugging and sleek to look at, the fabric helps you remain cool and dry all day long.


• Three/fourth sleeve top for a unique style stance
If you are bored of the simple tees and tanks, especially for the winters, you can check out the three fourth sleeve tops. Go for a night out after gym with them effortlessly!


• Add vibrancy with printed leggings
For a flexible and breathable feeling, opt for the printed leggings in nylon or spandex for a sleek and poised silhouette.

Wholesale Fitness Clothing

Now that you got an idea of the latest trends in wholesale fitness clothing, we will let you know about some celebs wearing gym clothes at the streets with confidence:


• Hailey Baldwin
She was witnessed covering up her sports bra after the gym session with a cropped hoodie, layered with the uber chic silver hoodie, teamed with the usual gym black tights!


• Bella Hadid
With a cropped black top and black and white track pants, Bela Hadid hit the gym with sneakers and a baseball cap to bring on a sporty look.


• Chrissy Teigan
With black and white sports bra and black capri pants, she did not use the regular zipped sweatshirt at the street after the workout class, rather wore it with a leather moto jacket to bring a much needed twist, keeping the sports bra visible!


• Karlie Kloss
She threw her graphic sweatshirt with heavy jacket to beat the cold, and instead of the regular tights, wore the denims for a funky look!


Fitness Clothes According to Your Body Types : No More Hiding Anymore

Gym is also a place where you can flaunt your bodies, accentuate your figure no matter what shape you are. Why hide the body you’ve worked so hard for under baggy pants and tees? Here are great ways to look slim at the gym.


Wholesale workout clothes manufacturers have come up with fancy fitness clothes suitable for all body types. But as the best judge for your body, you too have to consider certain points before dressing up for a warm grilling session. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts for a dressing guide according to your body:

The Best Workout Clothes for Pear Shaped


Wear light colors on top to draw eyes up and away from your thighs. Choose flared pants to balance and lengthen your shape.



Wear bottoms with stripes down the sides of the legs. They’ll make your hips seem fuller.

Wholesale Workout Clothes

The Best Workout Clothes for Rectangle Shapes


Create the illusion of curves with tops that have pleats along the sides and pants that have a pop of color at the hips. A sports bra available at any retail store selling wholesale fitness apparel will look best for your body type. Just choose one with a little padding and a tank with a low neckline will play up your assets.



Sport one color from head to toe. It will make you look blocky.

The Best Workout Clothes for Apple Shapes


Opt for a loose top that ties or cinches, which will define your middle and conceal your tummy. Fitted capris or tights flatter your toned legs.



Wear flared bottoms. They’ll throw off your proportions by adding bulk.

The Best Workout Clothes for Hourglass Shapes


Pick tops with a V or scoop neck and detailing near your midsection to show off your trim waist. Swag your fit quads in a skort, which is a skirt with shorts attached to it, instead of plain running shorts.



Hide behind high necks and loose clothes. You’ll only look larger if you cover up.


With this guide, you are sure to flaunt your bodies even in a gym or plans after the workout session. Just add a little color and look your best with suitable wholesale fitness apparel.


Get Your Customers Run in Style with the Designer Wholesale Workout Apparel

Contrary to popular belief, fitness apparel is not at all about tight body fits, elastic waistbands and black color track pants. There’s so much more to it. In fact, fitness clothing is an all expansive dimension by itself. And in the recent times this dimension is being constantly fuelled in by fashion and new style trends, that are expressed in the form of stunning color combinations, great fits or a slim body look. Therefore, if you are a health club owner or a retailer selling fitness apparels, then investing in the latest wholesale fitness clothing is a smart choice you can make.



Types of designer fitness apparel to invest on

The leading wholesale fitness clothing suppliers are available at the convenience of online. Therefore, you can browse through their websites and choose the fitness apparel types from their catalogue and place bulk orders. The new apparel line comprises of:


>> Men’s running clothes – Made from a premium blend of cotton and nylon fabric, the collection of men’s fitness clothing boasts a fascinating range of short sleeve T-shirts, clock series long sleeve T-shirts, polo shirts, sleeveless vests, cloak jackets and hoodies, shorts and pants in a wide range of vibrant colours.


>> Women’s running clothes – Available in a combination of perky pinks, classy velvet and other vibrant shades, this collection comprises of tight fitting sports bra, capris, tank tops, yoga pants, shorts and jackets. The fabric comes in high-quality and does not become coarse with subsequent washes and even the colour does not fade.

>> Compression clothing – This is a revolutionary one that makes men and women like Hollywood celebs working out in the gym. Compression wholesale fitness apparel is mostly available in a classic mono-shade of black and grey with champagne gold stripes and other such exotic designs.


Compare the costs

Ask each wholesale workout apparel manufacturer to provide you with price quotes, so that you can make a list of all the quotes and check which ones are offering the most affordable rates. Although price should not be the be all and end all of your criteria of choice, you need to consider it in order to avoid unnecessary spending. Even a 5% reduction in pricing can mean significant savings when you are purchasing fitness apparel wholesale from fitness apparel manufacturers. Along with price and designs, these manufacturers, suppliers and distributors must be reputed, well established and have a good name in the market.


How to Choose Low-Cost Wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers?

Rise in health problems has made many people hit gyms like never before, and this has made the demand for superior fitness clothes shoot up. If you have a clothing store, you can boost your sales by keeping gym vests, fitness bras, track suits and pants and other fitness apparels. However, buying these can mean a lot of expenses on your part as clothing for athletic purposes do not come really cheap. But you can still reduce your expenses significantly by going for low-cost fitness clothing manufacturers who offer supplies at competitive rates. You can get such suppliers in the following ways.


BLACK FITNESS TIGHTSCheck the manufacturer websites
Most wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have their own official websites and you can order price quotes from them. There are typically email forms and ids that you can use in order to get in touch with the suppliers. You can specify the type of supplies that you want, and get exact price quotes for the orders.


Make price comparison
This is the oldest trick in the book to get competitive rates. After you ask for quotes from a number of manufacturers, you have to compare the rates that you are offered. This will help you to know which of them have the lowest quotes. After you compare the prices, you can be more or less sure of the fact that you are going with the most low-cost provider.


Simply doing a price comparison is not likely to be useful, unless you are also sure of the quality of the supplies that you get. Ask for samples of wholesale fitness clothing from the providers that you have zeroed in on. A quick look at the quality, construction and other aspects can help you to understand which of the samples are best.


Go through online reviews
Even with high quality samples, you cannot be completely sure of the type of services that you can expect. It is essential to check online reviews for this reason. Go thorough reviews for specific providers from previous customers over product and service review websites online. Find out what they have to say about the specific provider that you intend to go with. Choose the manufacturer that has got the best reviews and feedbacks from clients.


It might seem to be time-consuming to do all these, but you can be assured that the results will be worth the effort.


5 Best Fabrics Used by the Fitness Clothing Manufacturers for Gym Clothes!

A fitness freak’s wardrobe is never complete without a bunch of gym clothes like sweat shirts, track pants or running shoes. Just as there are myriad fitness techniques, you can notice a huge variety in the workout apparels too. However, when it comes to fitness apparels, one gives the highest priority to the comfort factor that is derived from the clothes, while one is engaged in their movement exercises.


Nowadays, with the help of the experienced designers and advanced technologies, the fitness clothing manufacturers are coming up with trendy designs of fitness clothes. What more is that, one gets ample options in the fabrics and select whatever suits their specific needs. So, if you want to know what are the best fabrics for fitness clothes, then just take a look here!


The top fitness apparel manufacturers have brought a wide range of cotton gym wear that are organic and healthy. Sweating is compulsory when the body is in motion and this is why fitness clothes need to have high moisture wicking capacity. Cotton fabric is not only light and breathable, it also absorbs the moisture from the body and keeps it cool and dry. Apart from that, cotton being an organic material is easily available and affordable by all. If you have a fitness centre of your own and want to bring a fresh vibe in your collection, then get hold of wholesale cotton fitness clothes from the reputed manufacturers.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturer


Bamboo is another source of natural fabric that is widely in use. The fitness apparel manufacturers are choosing bamboo pulp for its lightweight, durability and most importantly its moisture wicking capacity. To top it all, bamboo fabric has a unique quality of guarding the harmful UV rays of sun. This organic fabric is temperature-friendly and keeps one cool by providing enough breathing room. The inventories of the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have various gym clothes crafted with bamboo. You just need to find out the right company and place your bulk order.


Among all the synthetic fabrics, nylon is the best to afford maximum comfort and ease of movement to the wearer. Breathable and highly absorbent, nylon can be the ideal choice when it comes to stylish fitness apparels. Nylon lasts longer and are flexible enough to provide support to the muscles during rigorous exercises.


Bright and smooth, polyester is another supreme quality fabric for manufacturing fitness apparels. The best thing about polyester is that these are breathable and wrinkle-resistant. Polyester fabric does not absorb sweat, rather helps it to evaporate from the skin. Many of the gym-goers choose polyester for its capacity to protect the skin from UV rays.


This super stretchable fabric is perfect for yoga clothes. Also known as Lycra, spandex is used ubiquitously to manufacture fitness clothes. Most of the top-notch companies are offering vivacious range of spandex shorts, tank tops, yoga pants and other gym apparels which have become widely popular.


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