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Yoga at Home – 5 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Yoga Sessions

Millions of people practice yoga at home everyday. As commendable as that is, the problem is that majority of them fail to make the best of their sessions.


And perhaps that’s one big reason why it is always recommended to head to yoga classes and practice under the guidance of qualified instructors instead of relying solely on DIY poses. Yoga Apparel

But again, we understand that your tight schedule and other obligations leave you with less time to spare for even breathing let alone heading to daily 45-minutes yoga classes.


For busy and home-yogis bunch like this, here are 5 winning tips to get the best result from even a small 20-mins yoga sessions—


1. Listen to yourself and your body

• Don’t blindly follow all the tips and poses without knowing how it’s going to help you. Since you know yourself better, improvise different pose to meet your specific needs.
• Understand the limitation of your body. Doing uncomfortable poses—however beneficial—or continuing for long hours can do more harm than good.


2. Clad yourself in perfect yoga apparel

This is one of the surest ways to improve your overall performance—invest in high quality yoga wears. Better wears supplement your flexibility; ensure you’re well ventilated; keep sweats off you. When you feel comfortable, relaxed, pimping up your performance, gets easy. Today top fitness wear brands are offering many amazing varieties of yoga bras, leggings, t-shirts and more that are of top-notch quality. And best part? They are very affordable.


3. Keep away all the distractions

Even if you’ve planned for a 10-minutes yoga session, be serious about it and avoid all the distractions. Foremost, keep your phone away. Make sure you’re alone in the room, the doors and windows are shut, and that there is no noise around. Early morning is probably the best time to do yoga when things are much quieter and you soak in the freshness in air.

Yoga Clothing

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the MOST important thing. So at least an hour before your yoga session, drink enough water and give your body the time to consume it; don’t overdo it though. Avoid drinking in excess before the session starts. Right after you’re finished, drink water as needed. Avoid energy drink!


5. Spice things up with new poses

If you do of something in excess, you’re bound to get bored of it. Much like gym workout, yoga sessions could at times feel like a pain. Plus, there would also be a time when those regular poses would stop being as effective, given you’re now used to them. So spice things up every once in a while. Add new poses, experiment, and be persistent into pushing yourself. But don’t get carried away too far either. Listen to your body, as mentioned in #1.


These are 5 simple and practical tips for all the home-yogis to make their even short yoga sessions much more effective (and fun, yeah).


The Latest Striking Ideas to Deck up in the Workout Clothes for Flattering Looks

There was once a time when looking good was only limited to the parties and casual outings or while traveling, as today the notion has completely changed. Presently the fashion bloggers and celebs are of the opinion, that the gyms and yoga classes too are very important places to showcase the stunning and smart silhouettes. You can check out the television or magazines to check out the celebs to see the celebs in the most charming silhouettes, wearing the neon sports bras, or printed leggings and cool jackets. Not just in the gyms, the athletic inspired style quotients are also popular in the athleisure trend and one can wear this fad to be the ultimate trendsetter.


Realizing the craze of the workout clothes, the leading wholesale workout clothing manufacturers are giving way to the exquisite range of activewear pieces in wide array of designs, styles, cuts and colors or even in a range of patterns and prints. Workout Clothing

There are popular variations of the workout clothes these days, and one can wear them according to their body types and preferences.


Intensely tomboyish

Look very intensely mannish and tomboyish, as you pair the neutral shades very tactfully, with something smart to look the best. The light weight black logo embossed tank can be paired with the grey tight fitted leggings, for the most simple yet very stylish silhouette. To add some color, go for a bright looking sneaker.


Skin show in hot ensemble

Get t some skin show with confidence and class, as you dress up the printed sport bras, and show off your midriff, and the well toned abs with a high waist tight fitted shorts in single solid color. Very comfortable and easy breezy, this can be your silhouette for the yoga classes too, as you would want to look downright hot and sexy.


The winter shenanigans

If you are the one who loves ballet dances at the aerobics center, then you can get the perfect ballet inspired dress too. Team up the black unitard, with a wrap sweater, to look cozy and warm, and also sweat up in a funky and very preppy way. Match the socks in contrast to the sweater for a better finesse and comfort. Yoga Clothing

The intense cardio outfit

If you are the cardio exercise aficionado, then you must resort to a very well fitted and appropriate activewear ensemble. The cropped tank top and matching leggings would do. Go for subtle or bright prints, and make sure that the outfit is of spandex so that you can get the best flexibility and elasticity for freedom of movement. Add the colorful hairband in contrast to the shades of the prints on the outfit.


Cozy and warm to feel and look

If it is chilling outside, and you do not know how to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time, go for the pair od printed crop top with a high waist legging, and team this with a single colored sweatshirt or a jacket for the most appeasing demeanor option.


Thus, now that you have few options to wrap around the yoga clothing or workout pieces with style, you will feel confident and motivated to hit the gym regularly. Pick up the ones which looks trendy enough to complement today’s fashion scene, and get rolling!


How Celebs are Setting the Trends for Fashionable Yoga Clothing?

Celebrity culture has always had big influence on our lives— be it in our decisions to get in shape or our individual style stance. So it came as no surprise when some big names started ‘Snapchatting’ or hitting outdoors in designer yoga wears, it became an instant hit on the global fashion scene.


In fact the self-claimed fitness devotees like Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid and Bella Throne are always in the headlines for their wow-worthy Yoga-appearances; appearances that eventually transcend into trends behind which the world rallies.


Here are 7 latest and fashionable women’s yoga clothing trends of this season brought forth by your favorite celebs—

1. High-waist yoga pants

Last year Kendall Jenner debuted high-waisted leggings and it instantly captured the attention of fashion forward ladies. Also sported by supermodels like Hailey Baldwin, these high-waistline tights synonym perfection from every angle. They are figure flattering, very comfortable and works wonder for every yoga pose.


Whether you’re looking to rock a tee-less look at the yoga class or planning an urban appearance with crop-top, the legging compliments every look easily.

High Waist Yoga Pants Kendall Jenner

2. Yoga Dress Pants

Today yoga dress pants are bigger part of women’s wardrobe who are looking for ‘something fresh’. A breather from the obsessively popular tights, these slack bottoms offer a laidback and relaxed outlook. Also coming in various boot cut, straight-leg and cropped varieties, you get ample of choices to mix and match with the right top.


Nobody can rock that look as perfect as Kristen Bell, can they?

Yoga Dress Pants Kristen Bell

3. All-white attire

Gone are days when black was the ‘it’ for the yoga enthusiasts. We’re in all-white yoga attire era. Approved by Miley Cyrus and millions of ladies across the world, we are all fanning over the white leggings, shorts, bras, crop tops and even yoga jackets. Offering a plain, fresh and clean appearance, these all-whites guarantee to make you look your best at the yoga session.

All White Attire Miley Cyrus

4. Eccentric prints and graphics

While some are going gaga over the white leggings, others are following the eccentric prints and graphic-rich tights staunchly, including Ashley Greene. Eye-catchy and ideal to hit all the right chords to make a bold style statement, these tights are the go-to staple for forward ladies to queen-up the fashionville.


These sassy leggings come in many designer varieties in various patterns—check, batik, mosaic, plaid, and regimental stripes to name few popular ones. Perfect for people who love to have choices.

Eccentric Prints and Graphics Ashley Greene

5. Yoga wears cum lifestyle staple

No more are yoga apparels exclusive to yoga classes. They have become the favorite lifestyle staple that works well whether strolling on the beach, grocery shopping or casual outings. Countless celebs have been spotted outdoor swaging yoga leggings, bras and outwears and giving us new fashion goals. Gigi Hadid, Kim K, Reese Witherspoon and more are just the best head-turners you can think of!

Yoga Wears Cum Lifestyle Staple

6. A minimalist appearance

A minimalist yoga appearance has gained significant momentum in recent times. No more those big and fancy leggings, t-shirts, and jackets. A clean, “shirtless” look with just shorts and bras—that’s what majority of ladies are rooting for today. It is much comforting and relaxing, allowing free movement and easy flexing—making yoga a complete delight. Don’t believe us? Ask Queen Lady Gaga.

A Minimalist Appearance Lady Gaga

7. Plain Pullovers

While crop-tops are still quite popular, pullovers seem to be taking them over in the market with their drooling casual feel. Already adored by the likes of Alessandro Ambrosio and more, these tops are simple—usually preferred in plain variations— but speak volumes about style. They are equally comfortable with standard fitting, allowing free movement and easy stretch.

Plain Pullovers Alessandro Ambrosio

These are 7 latest yoga clothing trends that the world is rallying behind this season.


While brought about and approved by top celebs, the best part is these wears are quite affordable. Many top fitness apparel brands have emerged on the scene in recent times that are delivering trendy yoga clothing for women and even men in premium quality varieties at low price range.


So now you don’t have to blank out your bank account to wardrobe the best of celebrity-inspired activewear. It’s cheaper than what these tops names have had you believe.

A Brief note before you head out for Yoga apparel shopping though…

As flattering as it maybe to sport the ‘trendiest yoga wears’ to your class tomorrow, you must focus more in the quality department when shopping. After all they’re that what the name suggests—meant for yoga. However fashionable, if poor in quality, it’s a bad choice.


So ensure to prioritize the fabric type and your own individual needs. Make sure the wears are made using high-end fabric and offer decent ventilation, wicking and stretching. They must also feature temperature regulating mechanism and have UV radiation protection properties.


Good Luck!


About the Author:
The author is a fashion blogger and a yoga aficionado who often writes for helping other practitioners to sport the right yoga clothing or implement the best tips in the yoga sessions.


The Reasons Supporting the Right Selection of Fitness Clothing Items for Gym Classes

When it comes to getting the most coveted physique, which has been your aim, you should no more dress to impress, rather dress to success. Especially in the arena of fitness, you must make sure to settle down for the outfits which help to upgrade your performance, and lends you the confidence which is necessary to push you forward everyday to hot the gym. There is the age old misconception that if you are going to sweat so much, you can wear anything to the gym, and still workout comfortably. This is actually wrong, and the right wholesale fitness clothing is very essential to offer you the best convenience.


Just like you need to think about the type of clothes you are wearing to the party or to office, you also need to judge what you are wearing when you get ready to workout in style. Ditching cotton, ill fitted garments is mandatory, and your wardrobe must have a separate section for the athletic outfits only.


Wondering why do you need different clothes especially for the fitness classes? Here are some reasons to prove this.


The right clothes boost confidence

Studies have always proved the positive effect of the right clothes on your confidence level, and hence if you work hard to look great, you will work harder to perform better too. Thus, if you are in love with your gym clothes, you will definitely spend more time concentrating on the gym postures, and get a confidence which is necessary to work out with perfection. When you are equipped with the right gym wear and gear, you will get notched up with zeal, high spirits and excitement, and feel more confidence translating into better performance. Yoga Clothing

The correct athletic garments improves performance

If you are wearing something which doesn’t wick moisture, or is loose fitted, and made up of a fabric which causes chafing, you will not be able to concentrate on your workout regime. To help yourself focus more on the exercises, you need to be wearing the correct clothes which will help you pay attention on where it is needed, and not feel inconvenient due to the wrong clothes.


Adds protection and prevents injuries

If you do not want injuries to interfere with your body and fitness regime, you need to embrace the right clothes. From the tee, the track pant and the shoes, everything must be fitted well so that they do not become the reason of muscle cramps or other injuries. The right clothes will protect you from the sudden shocks, and enable better performance without any hassle.


Freedom of movement with well-fitted clothes

Just like a tight shirt can restrict your movement, a loose one can cause injuries. Hence to stop both, you need to be prepared with the clothes equipped with right line and length so that you get the ultimate freedom to move your body, and feel breathable. Focusing on movements is very important while exercising.


Compression clothing for better blood flow

To stimulate the blood flow and circulation all over the body, one needs to get decked up in compression clothing pieces. They increase the blood flow, and helps to recover quickly after any injury. The form fitted clothes apply pressure directly on the body and reduces soreness and inflammation.


Thus, be it at the swimming class, running track gym or in yoga clothing at the yoga center, the right selection of activewear is very important.