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With a presence that can be felt over around the world, Alanic Global is a one-stop destination for all those retailers and business owners who want their business to grow while catering to a wide audience. We fulfill the role of a distributor, supplier, producer and manufacturer, which has further strengthened our position in the cut-throat competitive fashion industry. Our inventory is considered to be the best due to its inclusion of state-of-the-art apparels. Stealing all the spotlight is our colossal collection of wholesale mens underwear, which our designers proudly boast of.

We have an underwear catalog to kill for

As one of the topmost underwear manufacturers USA based, we have everything you can ask for. From boxers brief to men’s underwear, bikinis to female underwear, the list goes on and on. We have been recognized all over the world as one of the best women and mens underwear manufacturers. Incorporating bright colors and quirky prints, the pieces have heightened sex appeal. They are finely categorized into men and women’s section which will definitely spoil you for a choice. Moreover, the underwear is crafted using the finest quality materials that make them easy to wear. Comfortable and relaxed, they fit the wearer perfectly, further adding to the list of innumerable qualities that each of the pieces portrays. Other features of the underwear include an elastic waistband and broad leg holes. With us as your wholesale underwear supplier, you can impress more of your customers, creating a wide clientele for your business.

You can customize the underwear with your designs

We offer many services, but none can beat the customization services. You can design underwear using your own ideas. The colors can be tweaked and prints personalized. The fabric used for the underwear can also be changed, owing to the use of the latest equipment that we have access to. You can get bulk batches done due to the use of the finest technology. Wholesale female underwear and male underwear in personalized threads not only enhances our business prospects but yours too.

Start your own label with Alanic Global

All retailers and business owners wish to own their brand and we grant this dream into reality. With a wide variety of opportunities, you can start your own private label underwear brand. You work closely with our designers, providing them the required insight on how you want the design, color, shape, size and even fabric. You decide the quantity and quality of the underwear you want and our experts work hard to fulfill that. It is truly your vision and we help you to realize that. This helps you create a loyal customer base who comes back to you to get unique products. Thus, with our guidance, you can explore unchartered horizons without having to fear failure.

Become a distributor under our guidance

Joining our network can help you grow your business. You can join our distributor program and work as one under our umbrella. Success will surely become a habit when you work under our massive umbrella. You can purchase wholesale underwear from our vast catalog at discounted prices as well. Get the distributor kit and start working with us immediately. Though we operate all around the world, our main offices are located in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Retailers can contact the head offices of Alanic Global to know more about the services and work.

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