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Everything You Need to Know before Ordering Ice Hockey Jersey and Equipments

One of the top-notch games, ice hockey is not just tough to play, but also needs ample protection and safety while playing it. With a stick and puck, it is an indoor game, and owing to the chilled environment, the sports kit they specialize in, is different from the rest of the sports. If you are looking to order sports gears in bulk for your ice hockey team players, then get hold of the best ice hockey equipment Australia company and contact them to provide you with customized stuffs, be it the jersey and outfits or the other accessories. Ice Hockey as a game has not only evolved, but also, the accessories and equipments which are designed today elevate a player’s performance and also promises utmost protection and security from any hassle or injury, with comfort and convenience. A gear -intense game, you must have an idea of the following while buying the essentials needed for your team:

 Ice Hockey Jerseys Wholesale

 1. Ice Hockey jersey
The jersey you are looking is one of the most important items for the ice hockey team. They are mostly a bit bigger in size and square in shape with shoulder pads to prevent any kind of shock or injury. Make sure your wholesale manufacturer make them in flexible fabric, which can also give warmth owing to the cold temperature. The top-most ice hockey jerseys wholesale companies come with a lot of options and you need to for the best to make your team stand out from the rest. Following types of jerseys can be thought of:


>> Replica
Replica jerseys for any sports have all the important graphics and numberings, but only a few minute details go missing. Instead of sewing, the numbers and letters are screen printed.

 >> Replithentic
With better fit, they are costlier as they will also get adorned with slightly more details like piping, bordering, stripes. They come with better quality and whereas half of the things are screen printed, half are stitched on the body of the outfit.

Ice Hockey Equipment

Now that you know the types of jerseys which are available in the market, we will help you with some customization options:


>> Appealing cut and color
Once you have found one of the best custom ice hockey jerseys Australia companies, now it is time to go for the most endearing cut and color which will help to promote your team and also entice the sponsors well. The color should match up with your team’s spirit and there shouldn’t be any loss of synchronization.

 >> Feel the fabric
Choose the best fabric which will sustain the rough usage and multiple washes and would not cause the color and quality to go. This will promise longevity of the jerseys.

 >> Sublimation printed
While choosing on how to imprint the logo, numbers and letter, go for sublimation print as they end up giving better results and also stay longer unlike screen printing. Choose an interesting design and place the logo to attract onlookers.


2. Ice Hockey equipments
The equipments consist of helmets, skates, body armor, elbow pads, gloves, sticks, mouth guards, bag, puck and a lot more and all these should be sturdy and of good quality, so that they can help you with the game by elevating your performance and also promise on a long lasting nature.


4 Things You Must Have In Your Ice Hockey Equipments In Australia!

Having a team of ice hockey in Australia surely requires you to have all that is necessary in the sports kit, right? Ice hockey is primarily an indoor game and mostly played on ice with the help of a stick and “puck”. This is why, unlike ordinary hockey, this sports need more equipments as the entire game is played in a simulated “chilled” environment.


So, if you are looking for ice hockey equipment Australia for your sports team, then you can easily resort to the hockey clothing manufacturers available in the online arena. Check out what are the most important items that your sports kit must contain.

Without proper jerseys, playing ice hockey is next to impossible. Ice hockey jerseys have special space for the shoulder and elbow pads which ensure the comfort of the users. Not only that, the ice hockey jerseys also bear the team identity which separates your team members from other players. Ice hockey jerseys are usually oversized, have a square shape as well as are crafted with slightly flexible fabric. These also contain a fight strap which keeps the jerseys stuck with the inside layer of the pants. However, as the jerseys are evolving, the current versions are coming with a more form-fitting shape. You can now place your order for custom ice hockey jerseys Australia with the top-notch manufacturers who will give it your dream shape and colour.


Hockey Pants:
Hockey pants are usually knee-length and oversized shorts which are worn under the jerseys while playing ice hockey. The hockey pants support the protective pads around the hip, thighs and tailbone areas. Some athletes do prefer wearing belts with these pants. The reputed ice hockey equipment Australia companies manufacture high-quality hockey pants which you can purchase in bulk from their online inventory.


GREEN ICE HOCKEY SHORTSElbow and Shoulder Pads:
Although not all teams use elbow and shoulder pads, but these are highly recommended if you want to ensure 100% safety of your players. Generally, the elbow and shoulder pads are used to protect the areas around shoulder, solar plexus, spine and of course arm joints. The pads are crafted with passed vest and have velcro straps for closure. An ice hockey player has the tendency of getting hit by a puck or other players and might also fall on the icy ground. Therefore, to protect them from all kinds of injuries, shoulder and elbow pads are used.


Ice Hockey Socks:
Hockey socks are different from the ordinary socks as these have no particular foot. Made with synthetic wool, these socks make room for the shin guards.


Apart from these above mentioned items, there are several other things that you must add to your ice hockey kit such as helmets, guards, skates, mouth guard hockey puck and stick. And the good news is that, you can find all these at the catalogues of ice hockey equipment Australia manufacturers.