2015’s Fitness Clothing Trend Has Become a Movement in 2016

2015 was the year when the athleisure trend was introduced and even in its early days, this trend managed to grasp a lot of attention and put activewear in the center of the fashion world. People all around the world are extremely enthusiastic about spending money in their wellness because exercising is no longer a fad, a passing phase but it has become a way of life, a lifestyle that men and women are adopting today! Come 2016 and the athleisure style of clothing have gained great momentum because it offers the best of both worlds – athletic and leisure clothing.


Herbalife Clothing Has Re-defined Activewear
For a really long time, Herbalife clothing wholesale has stood as a symbol of fitness and active living and even Christiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s biggest footballer, has adorned these clothes. To make people more enthusiastic and excited about hitting the gym, jogging, running, yoga classes, pilates or even zumba, Herbalife have come up with apparel that harmoniously blends in technologically advanced fabrics with moisture wicking capabilities with high-end fashion details. The clothes are no longer only meant for the gym but it can be worn everywhere, from the studio to rehearsals to coffee or even to work! Herbalife Clothing Wholesale

We have the top 5 styles of clothing that fitness wear retailers should stock up immediately.


1. Printed, Colorful Leggings:
Women seem to be really loving that smooth feel of the soft fabric that is used to design leggings because they can be seen to choosing leggings over denims this year. The leggings offer the right amount of stretch for running or for achieving those difficult yoga positions and optimal comfort to wear them throughout the day because it wicks away moisture easily. It can be easily converted into a casual wear when paired up with a smart top, blouse, jacket, or worn under a dress.


2. Hooded Jackets with Pockets:
Both men and women simply cannot get enough of the hoodie trend. The hooded jacket is so classically cool and stylish that it can be worn with anything. The latest ones available in the market are in pullover or zippered styles with pockets and dye-sublimated with graphic prints and bright colors for that extra dose of oomph.


3. Sports Bras with Hoods:
The sports bras have become super fashion this year and hence, women no longer have any qualms over showing it off! The sports bras with hood combine the elegance and support of the bras with the coolness of the hooded jacket. When one needs to show off that flat stomach but needs to look ultra-modern with a hood over the head, this is the answer.

Herbalife Apparel Manufacturer

4. Shorts with Neon Highlights:
A lot of fitness enthusiasts enjoy a nice run during late evening or night. To help these active individuals stay safe from passing vehicles and bike, Herbalife apparel manufacturers have come up with a great solution of creating fashionable shorts with neon highlights that can be seen when dark.


5. Wearable Fitness Gadgets:
The advances in technology never ceases to surprise! The designers and manufacturers have started rolling out clothes that feature incorporated fitness gadgets that helps to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and also lets one know about the amount of calories burnt.


Get in touch with Herbalife apparel manufacturers today and enhance your activewear collection because Generation Z would settle for nothing but the best!


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