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Being one of the top private label clothing manufacturers in the USA, we offer you the best quality in the industry. No matter what you are looking for, we can provide youwith every kind of private label apparel solution that you would need to make all your dreams come true. Getting in touch with Alanic Global, you can customize your brand name, logo, and designs in just the way you have imagined, as uniquely as you want.

Do you wish to open your own garments store? Or, are you planning to grow the product line with refreshing, innovative designs? Whatever you are thinking of, you can rely on us to meet all your demands efficiently, flawlessly, and swiftly.From gaining a thorough understanding of what and how you visualize things to generating the clothing pieces as per your specifications and needs to deliver them at your chosen location, we are here at your service.

Just drop a mail conveying all your exceptional creative requirements in it and we will be glad to get back to you with the desired outcome.In case of any query, reach out to the always-attentive help team.

Private Label Clothing Wholesalers in USA

We Help You Live Your Business Dreams: Source Your Stock Now!

The way we approach the concept is very different from our competitors. When you select us as your business partner, you get a lot more than you expect. Our extraordinary services include new and improved clothes designing with the help of premium-quality materials and fabrics to make sure the overall comfort of the user, totally customizable designs to help you communicate how you want to present yourself to your target audience, a large variety of apparel for all needs and seasons, and for men, women, and kids of different age groups— right from workout wear to summer tees to winter coats.

What more? On wholesale orders, we offer you crazy discounts which we can guarantee that you won’t get anywhere else. On top of already reduced rates, we come with cool deals to make your buying experience unforgettable.

Alanic Global comes with years of experience and expertise in manufacturing exceptional private label apparel designs and has a wide network of distributors spread throughout the country. Go on and look through the extensive catalog now.

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Achieve the Following by Selling Private Label Clothing

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Faster to Market

Manufacturing private label designs isn't as easy a task as it seems. It can take you anywhere between 2 months and a year. Yes! So, instead of going through such an unnecessary headache, simply choose from our never-ending catalog, call it yours, and get them delivered to you at the earliest possible. Loads of ambitious entrepreneurs have been opting for this option nowadays.

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More Economical

So that you can directly go to manufacturing items, skipping the expensive sample development, we source industry-certified fabrics and materials for you. Being in this business for many successful years, we use only the best in the creation of products and see to it that you are fully satisfied with what you got.

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Reduced Time & Energy

Coming up with designs that are not only unusual but are in perfect alignment with the current international styles takes huge time and energy. When you team up with us, one of the most dependable private label clothing suppliers, all you have to do is simply select your favorite in-vogue styles that are made available to you by a talented and hardworking team of creative professionals.

private label clothing manufacturers

Ethical Production

If you are an eco-conscious business owner then we are the ones on whom you can rely for sustainable production of clothing pieces. We follow green business practices at all costs and ethically generate items at our factories. The laborers serving us are given healthy working conditions, and most importantly, fair labor wages.

We have helped many clothing businesses to grow

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    We Bring These Custom Label Options for You

    Custom Screen Printed Labels

    Screen printed labels are the most preferred printed labels in the market these days. Several basic design principles are put to use during their production. What makes them unique is, they add a professional touch to the clothing piece, they are quite easy to create, you can personalize them however you want, and above all, they help a lot in product promotion.

    Custom Heat Transfer Labels

    Heat transfer labels are known for their versatile nature as they can be made in various shades and shapes. They are available in supreme, best color quality and are long-lasting and recyclable. Additionally, you can also design them with a 3D effect if you want. They can be placed with perfect accuracy. Heat transfer labels will be best for you if you want water and heat-resistant designs.

    Custom Woven Labels

    These labels do a great job of adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your brand, thus proving the quality of your items. They don’t fade even after several washes, so when you choose them for your apparel, you can trust them to retain their look and feel for a long time. Based on which size you opt for, you can custom-design them with your brand name, logo, and other crucial details.

    Choosing Alanic Global As Your Private Label Apparel Producer

    Connecting with Alanic Global, you get exactly what you want. After knowing about your vision and mission, and following your instructions, the expert and highly experienced team of designers sees to it that your products are an exact replica of your imagination. Doing business, you will of course come across various private label apparel manufacturing companies, but what sets us apart is other than being professional in our approach, we are dedicated to what we do. Our ultimate target is to form a long-lasting relationship with you and for that, we go to great lengths. Other than delivering your dream order, we offer you extra tips on how to grow your business in no time.

    The minimum order quantity is kept attainable so that you can test the reaction of your target customers without suffering any huge money loss. A low MOQ always helps you to check how well your products can do in the market.

    Place your wholesale order from us today.

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    • Select from a massive range of hues and prints
    • Spandex, polyester, cotton, silk, linen, denim, etc— choose from a diverse range of top-quality materials
    • Opt from different apparel features such as hoods, flattering shapes, UV protection features, additional pockets, and many more
    • Pick from plenty of finishing options like zippers, buttons, magnetic locks, etc

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Plan things first (most importantly, think about your budget). Next, research the style that is popular among your target audience. Once you are done, contact an eminent private label apparel maker, grab samples, or go to direct item production, based on what you are comfortable with, and finally, set up your store and creatively arrange all the pieces in it.

    Well, to state the least, it's anywhere between $1000 - $1200. Depending on different factors like sampling, creation of a website, etc, the number will vary.

    A private label clothing manufacturer is a company that specializes in producing apparel and textiles for other brands, which are then sold under the brand's own label. The manufacturer typically handles the design, production, and sourcing of materials, while the brand handles marketing and sales. Private label clothing manufacturers work with a variety of clients, from small startups to large retailers, and can produce a wide range of apparel items, including t-shirts, dresses, jackets, and more. They are an important part of the fashion industry, providing brands with the ability to offer unique and custom products without having to invest in their own manufacturing facilities.

    While both private label and white label clothing manufacturers produce garments for other brands, there is a key difference between the two. A private label clothing manufacturer creates custom products that are designed and branded specifically for a client. The manufacturer handles everything from design to production and the client sells the product under their own brand name. In contrast, a white label clothing manufacturer produces ready-made garments that are sold to multiple clients under a generic label or no label at all. The client can then rebrand the product and sell it as their own.

    There are several benefits to working with a private label clothing manufacturer. Firstly, they offer the ability to create unique products that are tailored specifically to a brand's needs, rather than selling generic or off-the-shelf items. Secondly, private label clothing manufacturers can offer greater control over the production process, ensuring that quality standards are met and ethical practices are followed. Additionally, working with a private label manufacturer can be cost-effective, as the manufacturer can leverage their existing infrastructure and expertise to produce high-quality products at a lower cost. Finally, a private label manufacturer can help streamline the production process, freeing up time for brands to focus on other aspects of their business, such as marketing and sales.

    Yes, many private label clothing manufacturers offer design and development services as part of their package. They may have in-house designers who can help create custom designs, or they may work with outside designers or design agencies to develop unique products. Manufacturers can also help with product development, such as selecting fabrics and trims, creating prototypes, and conducting fittings. Working with a private label clothing manufacturer can be especially beneficial for brands that don't have in-house design or development capabilities, as it allows them to create custom products without investing in these resources themselves.

    The typical lead time for a private label clothing manufacturer can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of the design, the availability of materials, and the size of the order. However, a common lead time range is around 6-12 weeks from the initial design phase to the final delivery of the products. This timeline includes the creation of samples, revisions, production, and shipping. It's important for brands to communicate their timeline expectations with the manufacturer and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the production process, to avoid delays or miscommunications during the production process.

    Choosing the right private label clothing manufacturer for your brand requires careful consideration of several factors. First, consider the manufacturer's experience and expertise in producing the types of products you need. Look for reviews and testimonials from other brands they have worked with. Second, consider their pricing, minimum order requirements, and lead times. It's important to find a manufacturer that can produce high-quality products within your budget and timeline. Third, consider their production capabilities, including the range of fabrics and materials they can work with, and whether they have the capacity to handle your order volume. Finally, evaluate their communication and customer service to ensure that they are responsive and easy to work with.

    The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a private label clothing manufacturer can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the type of product, and the manufacturer's production capabilities. Generally, the MOQ for a private label clothing manufacturer ranges from 100 to 500 units per style, but some manufacturers may have higher or lower MOQs. It's important for brands to communicate their order volume needs with potential manufacturers upfront, to ensure that the manufacturer can meet their requirements and to avoid any surprises or delays during the production process.

    The cost of working with a private label clothing manufacturer can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the quality of materials used, the order volume, and the manufacturer's pricing structure. Generally, the cost of producing a custom apparel item through a private label manufacturer ranges from $5 to $50 per unit, with an average cost of around $15 to $20 per unit. It's important for brands to communicate their budget and pricing expectations with potential manufacturers upfront, to ensure that they can deliver high-quality products within the brand's financial constraints.

    Yes, most private label clothing manufacturers offer sample production services. Samples allow brands to see and feel the finished product before placing a bulk order, ensuring that the final product meets their expectations. Generally, the manufacturer will charge a fee for producing samples, which can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. It's important for brands to communicate their sample requirements with the manufacturer and to provide detailed feedback on any revisions needed, to ensure that the final product meets their quality standards.

    Private label clothing manufacturers typically use a range of quality control measures to ensure that the final product meets their clients' expectations. These measures can include pre-production inspections to ensure that materials and components meet specified quality standards, in-process inspections to identify and address any issues during production, and final inspections to ensure that finished products meet quality specifications before shipping. Some manufacturers also implement additional quality control measures, such as testing fabric strength or conducting wash and wear tests. It's important for brands to communicate their quality expectations with the manufacturer and to ask about their quality control measures during the selection process.


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