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Check out our latest collection of sustainably crafted fitness and fashion clothes for men and women to make your store’s apparel stock eco-friendly. Bulk order our durable tees, yoga sets, fitness wear and more today!



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fitness clothing manufacturers usa

We offer a massive catalog of stylish and breathable activewear to allow fitness-addicts workout comfortably. Browse through to place your wholesale order!



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From dashing jackets, t-shirts, trousers, denims, shorts, shirts and more, our happening menswear collection boasts it all. Source your store’s stock to attract the fashion-forward men!



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We excel in designing and supplying high-quality underwear for ladies as well as men that are seamlessly tailored with soft fabrics. Avail now!

office around the world

Global Expansion: Alanic Global Opens Offices in Multiple Countries Including USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and UAE

wholesale clothing manufacturers usa


wholesale clothing manufacturer


usa clothing manufacturers


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office around the world

Global Expansion: Alanic Global Opens Offices in Multiple Countries Including USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and UAE

Trendy Clothing Alert for Bulk Buyers.

We are one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in USA

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  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing manufacturers


    Waste collection

    Fishnets, worn out clothes, old rags, disposed plastic bottles, etc. are gathered.

  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing manufacturers in usa



    Waste products are liquefied to be recreated into planet-friendly fashionwear.

  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing wholesale


    Plastic chips

    Methodical conversion of flakes into nylon 7 plastic chips is carried out.

  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing wholesale usa



    Ethical outerwear and fitness apparel are created from biodegradable fibers.

  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing suppliers


    Recycled fabric

    Zero-waste-cutting trends are adopted to transform the substances into durable clothing textile.

  • clothing manufacturer sustainable clothing suppliers usa



    Meticulous processing of chips into cruelty-free apparel fabrics is safely conducted.

How Are We Different From The Others?

  Alanic Global Traditional Clothing Manufacturer
100% Custom Wear
Super-Low MOQ
A Vast Amalgamation of Supreme-Quality Fabrics and Voguish Designs in Clothes.


Wholesale Clothing Supplier USA Clothing Supplier USA


Adding chemical-free dye to hand-selected organic yarn.

Clothing Supplier USA Clothing Supplier USA


Sustainable fashion clothes and workout apparel are ethically tailored.

Wholesale Clothing USA Clothing Supplier USA


Assuring unmatched material durability and soft texture of clothing.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer Clothing Supplier USA


Smooth edges and a seamless finish of eco-friendly wear.

Best Clothing Manufacturer Clothing Supplier USA


Trendy recycled clothes are carefully packaged.

Bulk Clothing Manufacturer Clothing Supplier USA


Ensuring high-class quality benchmark of ecologically certified outerwear.

Clothing Supplier USA Clothing Supplier USA


Creases are eliminated to produce overall surface smoothness of durable athletic wear and fashionwear.


wholesale clothing manufacturers usa

Technology R&D

wholesale clothing suppliers usa

Weaving Workshop

trendy clothing manufacturers


wholesale clothing manufacturers

Sewing Workshop

usa wholesale clothing manufacturers

Hot Stamping


Why Choose Us?

Resourceful Catalog

Being a top-rated clothing manufacturing hub, Alanic Global presents an exhaustive collection of sustainable and edgy womenswear, men's clothing, kidswear, gym clothes, fitnesswear, sports apparel and more. So, upgrade your store's clothing stock asap!

Incredibly Low Minimum Order Quantity

In sync with our widespread fame as a reliable clothes manufacturer, we maintain a low MOQ for your extreme convenience when you wholesale order clothing items from us.

private label clothing manufacturers usa

Unlimited Custom Options

Reckoned as the best among custom clothing manufacturers, we request you to supply your imaginative design inputs so that our creative designers can reflect those on your bulk ordered clothing items with perfection.

Amazing Discounts on Bulk Orders

We have handsome discounts on offer! Our array of durable and snazzy fashion fitness clothes can be ordered in bulk without making your finances, dry. Thus, go ahead and finalize your wholesale order now!

A Renowned Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Let your brand's clothing collection speak your business ethics

As the one-stop destination for quality custom wear, we succeed in meeting your custom demands to supply you with private label clothing that is a fine concoction of what your brand personality is all about. Let your private label apparel stock exhibit your aesthetic taste as we add a highly personalized touch to your private label clothes collection.


  • Our online help desk is open all the time to answer your queries
  • Stack up premium wholesale apparel in latest trends at competitive rates.
  • Bulk source uniquely designed custom clothes showcasing your one-of-a-kind choices.
  • Speedy shipping and delivery of flawlessly churned out fashionwear and activewear in bulk will level up your fulfilment of associating with us.
h Clothing Supplier USA

16+ Years

h Clothing Supplier USA

7 countries

h Clothing Supplier USA

9 countries

h Clothing Supplier USA

9 countries

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10,000 +

h Clothing Supplier USA

5000 +

h Clothing Supplier USA

100+ front end

h Clothing Supplier USA

2000+ backend

Our Clients

Our certification

Alanic Global has been garnering attention for the last few years as one of the leading manufacturers in the clothing industry because of the top-quality services offered to the clients. This has helped us to create a vast network all around the world. With the motive of helping retailers start or expand their business, Alanic Global is a one-stop destination for all offering versatile clothing options that the bulk buyers can place order, on!


Alanic Global has created its reputation around the industry by providing trendy clothes to the bulk buyers. Be it a comfortable t-shirt or a stylish top, fashionable leggings to functional jackets, you will have it in the inventory of our reputed manufacturing house. The clothes are segregated into separate categories of men and women, which further spoils for a choice. Operating as one of the leading wholesale clothing suppliers, the catalog that we offer is massive.
All of the clothes are crafted using fine quality materials which are the epitome of comfort. The incorporation of both bright and subtle shades renders the clothes a classy and sleek finish. This helps you create an impression on your customers after you source your stock from us. Hence, with one of the celebrated trendy wholesale clothing distributors and manufacturers by your side, you know you can reach new horizons.


Unlike other bamboo clothing manufacturers, we have the provision to customize the clothes. You can provide your design to our designers who start working immediately to realize your dreams. The equipment we use allows you to customize not only the colors and prints but also the basic design of the garments. You can also pick the fabric of your choice. Hence, it can be concluded that as one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers, we help you personalize the clothes and impress your customers, expanding your business as well.


As one of the leading sustainable apparel manufacturing, our presence can be felt all around the world. We are based in USA, Australia and Canada, but have a vast network of licensing agreements with partners all across the world. Since free shipping is a part of the many services we offer, retailers and business owners from anywhere around the world can register under our vast network.

We are also present in Europe, completing our quest to expand and reach out to our customer base, worldwide. Within a short period of time, we have become one of the top apparel manufacturers in Europe. Understanding the requirement and demand of the European consumers, our designers have worked hard to provide them a plethora of options, cementing our position as one of the best wholesale clothing companies in Europe.


If you want to let your business grow, Alanic Global is the name to reckon with. Not only manufacturing and supplying, but we also operate as one of the top sustainable garment manufacturing in the industry. You can purchase the customized clothes in bulk and further distribute it amongst the other smaller retailers. From unperturbed services to a stunning inventory, we offer it all. Get in touch with us, talk to our help desk and place bulk orders. Get the clothes and impress your customers with the latest collection. With Alanic Global by your side, success will become only a habit. Call us now!


Frequently Asked Questions

To find a reliable clothing manufacturer or wholesaler, you can start by researching online and checking their reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous clients. You can also ask for referrals from other businesses or industry contacts. It's important to verify their experience, quality standards, and certifications to ensure they can meet your requirements. Communication is key, so make sure to ask questions and clarify all details about your project or order. You can also request samples or prototypes to test the quality of their products before making a larger commitment.

A wide variety of clothing products can be manufactured or purchased through clothing wholesale, including t-shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, sweaters, and more. Many clothing wholesalers offer products in different styles, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of different customers. Some wholesalers also specialize in specific categories, such as activewear, children's clothing, or accessories. Wholesale clothing products can be purchased in large quantities at discounted prices, making it an ideal option for retailers, online stores, or businesses that need to stock up on inventory.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for clothing manufacturing or wholesale purchases can vary depending on the manufacturer or wholesaler. Generally, clothing manufacturers have higher MOQs than wholesalers, as they need to cover their costs for materials and labor. MOQs for clothing manufacturing can range from a few hundred to thousands of units, depending on the complexity and size of the order. MOQs for clothing wholesale can also vary, but are typically in the range of a few dozen to hundreds of units per style or color. It's important to check with the manufacturer or wholesaler for their specific MOQs before placing an order.

To place an order for clothing manufacturing or wholesale purchases, you can first contact the manufacturer or wholesaler to discuss your requirements, such as product specifications, quantities, and delivery dates. After agreeing on the details and receiving a quote, you can confirm your order by providing a purchase order (PO) or signing a contract. Payment terms, such as a deposit or full payment, may be required before production or shipment. The manufacturer or wholesaler will then produce or source the clothing products, perform quality control checks, and arrange for shipping or delivery to your designated location.

To start working with a clothing manufacturer, you can begin by researching potential manufacturers that specialize in the type of product you want to create. Reach out to them and ask for a sample or prototype to test their quality and suitability for your project. Once you have selected a manufacturer, you will need to provide them with your designs and specifications, and work with them to finalize the details of your order. This will include agreeing on the price, payment terms, delivery schedule, and other relevant details. Make sure to communicate clearly and frequently throughout the process to ensure a successful outcome.

The payment terms for clothing manufacturing or wholesale can vary depending on the manufacturer or wholesaler. Generally, payment terms include a deposit or upfront payment to start the manufacturing process, followed by payment in full upon completion or delivery of the order. Some manufacturers or wholesalers may offer credit terms for repeat customers or larger orders, allowing payment to be made after delivery. It's important to clarify payment terms with the manufacturer or wholesaler before placing an order and to make sure that the terms are acceptable to both parties.

To start a clothing vendor business, you can begin by defining your niche or market segment, such as casual wear, formal wear, or athletic wear. You can then research suppliers, manufacturers, or wholesalers that can provide products that match your market segment and quality standards. Develop a business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and financial projections. Register your business and obtain any necessary licenses or permits. Build a website or online store to showcase your products and reach potential customers. Develop marketing and advertising campaigns to promote your brand and attract customers. Finally, establish relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a reliable and consistent supply chain.

The turnaround time for clothing manufacturing or wholesale orders can vary depending on the complexity of the product, the quantity ordered, and the production capacity of the manufacturer or wholesaler. Typically, the lead time for manufacturing can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the volume of the order and the availability of materials. Shipping and delivery time can also vary depending on the shipping method and destination. It's important to clarify the expected turnaround time with the manufacturer or wholesaler before placing an order and to plan accordingly to meet your business needs.

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  • Office In USA: 1 855 525 2642
  • Offices In UAE : 045 584 468
  • Distribution In Canada: +1 8555 252642
  • Offices In Australia: 1800 252 642
  • Offices In United Kingdom: 0 8081 89 0373


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