Top Herbalife Clothing For Women 2015 – 16

Herbalife is one of those names that have been upholding the cause of fitness with perfection. Be it with its health and nutrition products or its clothing and apparel lines, the message of a healthy and fit lifestyle has been given out by this company in very clear and comprehensive terms. As far as Herbalife clothes is concerned, people have been seen to display a whole lot of enthusiasm towards new styles and designs, especially the options that not just reflect their dedication to health and fitness but also help them stay in trend. If you are looking forward to hot Herbalife clothing trends 2015 – 16, here are a few options to consider…

Herbalife Women's Clothing

Crop knots – These are basically top wear options that have well tailored neck and shoulder areas but are not stitched at the sides. These sleeve less top wears need to be knotted at the sides to secure them and can be worn over sports bras. These tops are perfect for workouts and offer an impeccably trendy look. They can also be teamed with denim or cotton shorts for a lazy day in.


Long pants are in – Lon fitted workout pants are literally hailed as the unprecedented best in the world of Herbalife clothing for women. While bold blacks are the most preferred options in long workout pants, you can also try mixed prints, two tone color blocks and bright electric shades if you wish to establish your personal style trends. High waist, mid rise and low cut options are available and in trend and can be chosen according to individual comfort levels.


Dewy Blue and White Herbalife Designer TeeTry Marsala – Marsala was named as the color of 2015. It is a bright shade of red with brown undertones and seems to suit perfectly with all complexions. If you wish to establish touch of difference through color, Marsala should be at the top of your priority list for any Herbalife apparel whatsoever. Considering the fact that the root color of Herbalife is green and white, a touch of Marsala should be enough to make you score in trend quotient.


Herbalife plus fashion – Herbalife clothes is for all to cherish and not just a select few who have managed to squeeze into size 2. Attempting trends in Herbalife plus size clothing thus deserves attention and enthusiasm at the same time. From crop tops to long pants, almost every style and design with unquestionable trend quotient is made available for the larger beauties as well.


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