10 Chic Skirt Styles That Voguish Fashionistas Will Appreciate

skirt styles

Are you fond of wearing skirts? Which woman isn’t, right?! Skirts of the right length, fabric and pattern can flatter your figure and complete your fashion statement. Here are some fashionable skirt styles that you can’t ignore. As a business owner, you must make sure to get in touch with a famed fashionwear manufacturer, also known as the best among wholesale underwear manufacturers. The wow-worthy womenswear catalog of such a manufacturing hub can lend you chic and stylish skirts of outstanding quality.

1. A-line skirt

Flaring out gently from the waist, voguish A-line skirts are fitted at the waist without clinging to the hips which makes them a flattering skirt option.

2. Asymmetrical skirt

This exquisite skirt design comprises of asymmetrical lines created by the fabric cut and the varying hem levels. One side of this skirt is usually lower than the other being cut on the diagonal across your body for a gorgeous look.

3. High/low skirt

The high and low effect created due to the front of the skirt being higher than the back can lend you a subtle or dramatic look if you wear it. Such a skirt in a soft flowing fabric is sure to look elegant on you.

4. High-waisted skirt

Such a skirt with a high waistband has exceptional fullness. You can pair a high-waisted skirt consisting of an elastic or flat band with a tucked in fitted shirt to exhibit a flattering silhouette.

5. Miniskirt

This iconic skirt style obviously refers to a very short skirt that is generally fitted but can also be flared or circular. You can wear a denim miniskirt for a super-stylish contemporary look.

6. Pencil skirt

These professional-looking skirts are usually cut down straight to a preferred length while some also taper inwards at the knee. Trendy pencil skirts that are not made from a stretchy fabric usually have a side or back slit for walking with comfort and style.

7. Pleated skirt

Knife pleats of a pleated skirt look fabulous on wearing. Pleated skirts in various lengths and with different pleat sizes usually come in synthetic fabrics that can be permanently pressed to retain their neat style.

8. Tiered and layered skirts

Tiered skirts with layers of fabric have a frilly appearance to give women a snazzy Bohemian look.

9. Tulip skirt

This straight skirt design with overlapped detailing and an inconsistent hem edge has a classic tulip design.

10. Wrap skirt

Modish wrap skirts that wrap around your figure and tie or fasten at the waist come in various lengths. While some have frill additions, many have a wrap opening on the side that makes it a fashionable skirt.

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