3 Things Rugby Jerseys Must be to Make It Worth the Game!

Rugby jerseys have come a long way today and there is plenty of things that it offers today that were earlier unheard of. Manufacturers of jerseys are trying all the time to make sure that their collection stays relevant and better than the rest.


From understanding the ergonomic needs to creating new technology with the help from developing sports science, jerseys are getting better.


Today, we are going to look at the 3 things that rugby jersey manufacturers have added to their product. Want to find out? Let’s take a look now:

1. Water resistant

Gone are the days when the predominant idea was to just get comfortable cotton shirts of the same color. Today, rugby jerseys are water resistant, thanks to the top rugby shirts manufacturers.


Rugby Shirts Manufacturers


Since rugby is a tough game, and it does not really hold back when there is water on the field, this feature has led to many good things. The resistance came from polyester fabric and that has made the jersey lighter than ever as well.


So, if you are a player of the game, then you should be more than happy that the innovation happened!

2. The rubber grip on your jersey

There was a slight problem with the polyester however, and that was all about slipping the wet and muddy ball. That too is now addressed by the top rugby uniform manufacturers and modern jerseys have a rubber grip along the seams and chest.


Rugby Uniform Manufacturers


This makes it easier to grip the ball against the body and retain the good qualities of synthetic microfiber fabric. If you too want your jerseys to do well with your customers, then you must engage them with this sort of functionality!

3. Material toughness

Imagine all the tackles, mud, rain water, and grazing against the grass on the field – rugby jerseys need to be mighty strong to be able to hold off such sort of a thing. And who better to demand it from than the manufacturer itself.


From sewing in the seams to general quality of the fabric, everything must come together perfectly in order to ensure that the material toughness has been maintained just right!


Once you do get all of these 3 qualities in your rugby jersey collection, you will be able to attract a lot more business offers. These are the features that make the jersey worth the game and you should definitely value them!


Now that you have a fair idea, get in touch with a manufacturer and start placing bulk orders now!