5 Men’s Fashion Trends that are Escaping Your Attention this Season

Like every year, this fall has brought about its own barrage of new trends in the men’s fashion scene. While some are landmarks like the return of baggy trousers that are eating-up all the spotlight, there are quite few many small changes that beg for just as much attention. Attention of all the fashion forward chaps, small clothing businesses and, of course, the leading wholesale men clothing distributors.


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Here are 5 such small yet amazing trends.

1. Cuban Collars are all the rage for polos and short sleeve shirts

Exuding a 50s feel, these Cuban collars are in the trend for all the right reasons. Helping men achieve a suave and forward look effortlessly, these collars add a whole new feel to the cliché polos and short sleeve t-shirts.

2. Ripped jeans… err, extra ripped jeans

Distressed denim jeans have always been the favorite among men. But there’s a new kid on the block, the cousin, so to say, of these ripped jeans- extra ripped jeans. And might we add, some people can really off them off beyond perfection for a badass, machismo appearance.

3. Baggy flannel shirts are no more “tacky”

Thanks the hippy trend, even baggy flannel shirts are the part of the new and bold fashion trend. Relaxed but speaking volume of fashion, these large button-down shirts goes well with the skinny, contrasting pants, helping men for a clean look.

4. Say hello to green and navy colors

Have you been seeing a lot of men clad in green and navy colored wears? No, it’s no co-incidence! A new trend that few men fashion clothes manufacturers have well accepted; they are offering a wide range of wears in these cool and calm color variation. And they all are awesome!

5. The designer anoraks to look stylish even when it rains (or looks to rain)

Few would have thought that utility jackets would push the dominance of hoodies, but the new designer range of anoraks are doing the impossible. Highly popular particularly in the tropical regions, so amazing are these anoraks that people are clad in them even when there’s no rain.


So have you been known a fashionista in your circle, start following these trends before your friends do. And if you’re a clothing business owner, well dial good men fashion clothes manufacturers and purchase your bulk according to these new and amazing trends to stay ahead of your competitors.