8 Things to Consider for Your Cheer Outfit

Choosing the right uniform for cheerleading is a daunting task, especially if your school does not have guidelines. To avoid spending too much, make sure that you consider different designers and vendors who offer cheap uniform deals. Your uniform should reflect the standards of your team so you should be careful when choosing yours.


Here are some things to consider when choosing your cheer outfit:


How much are you willing to spend? You need to estimate the amount of money that you are willing to spend before searching for cheer skirts from the team at Move U for instance. Knowing your spending limits will help you to narrow down your search parameters and find the best costumes within your budget.


Cheerleader Clothing


If you are buying uniforms in bulk for your whole team, you can get a good discount. No matter how much money you have for your uniforms, you should never compromise on their quality.


The importance of choosing the right fabric is not something that you can understate. Whether you are buying costumes for the whole squad or just for yourself, you need to make sure that the material you choose is comfortable and flexible. Moreover, some fabrics require hand washing while others need machine cleaning.


This means that you should consider the type of cleaning that you are comfortable with before you choose a fabric. Moreover, some fabrics are not durable, which means that you might need to replace your uniform more frequently. If you know nothing about fabrics, you need to conduct proper research first before you visit a costume shop.


The level of comfort that you will feel depends on a number of things, including the style of the dress, type of fabric, and how the dress is made. Make sure that you opt for top-notch fabric if you want to feel comfortable in your uniform. Moreover, you should choose an outfit that suits your body type.


Whatever you do, you should not compromise on comfort for the sake of style. If you choose style over comfort, the outfit will be ill fitting and you will not be comfortable executing jumps and complicated moves. Tight clothing restricts your movement while loose clothing can be dangerous.


Make sure that you choose well-fitting cheerleading costumes that allow you to perform a wide range of movements. The last thing that you need is an outfit that changes its shape during your performance.


Cheerleader Apparel


The design that you choose should not allow your undergarments to show. Make sure that you opt for a design with a solid construction. However, you also need to choose the right type of underwear when wearing cheerleading costumes.


The last thing that you want is for errant bra straps, panty lines, or bust pads to peek through your costume. As a cheerleader, you need to choose undergarments that will suppress the jiggly and bouncy parts of your body. Any immodest views of your camel toe or rear should be avoided.


You need to choose a cheerleading outfit that is appropriate for your age. If you are also shopping for younger girls on your cheerleading squad, you need to choose full-length tops and longer skirts. Make sure that you avoid any materials that cling too much to the skin.


If you choose a costume that looks too mature, you will end up distracting the audience from your performance. If you want people to pay attention to your routine, you should not draw attention to the wrong things by wearing indecent clothes. Moreover, you need to adhere to your school’s guidelines when it comes to the length of skirts and tops.


When it comes to cheerleading uniforms, most schools have their own set of rules and regulations. The length of your cheerleading skirt should not be shorter than the one specified in the rules. Before you start shopping for your uniform, you need to make sure that you go through your school’s rules and regulations. If there are no written rules, you should ask your teachers whether there is a length requirement.

Visual Flow

The uniform that you select needs to have good visual flow. What does this mean? It means that the audience should be able to focus on your face first then the bodice before looking at the bottom half of your body to get the full effect of the uniform. When choosing a costume, you need to make sure that it makes your face the focal point.


Because cheerleading involves many jumps and tumbles, you need to opt for comfortable and flexible uniform. However, you should be wary of extreme cutouts and off-shoulder designs that are not age-appropriate.


The above tips will help you to choose the right cheerleading uniform. Do not be afraid to ask for help from fellow cheerleaders.