Add Variety to Your Footwear with Wholesale Socks

Wearing shoes means you need a pair of socks. That’s something which goes without saying. So, for your daily wear wholesale socks are quite necessary. Socks come in plenty of sizes, colours, designs and patterns. It is wise you choose socks as per your needs. So, let’s see some of the key features which each of these different types of socks have.


Normal length ones
These type of socks usually extend few inches from your ankle. These are the ones normally worn with trousers and pants. These come in a wide variety of foot sizes. Also, there are lot of colours and patterns available with these.



Custom knee high socks
If you are a sports player, then you’ll certainly know what these custom knee high socks are. These socks extend till just below your knees and are widely worn by football players across the globe. These are usually made of blended cotton fabric with a mix of spandex to give it the stretchable nature. In fact, the ideal first day school outfit too consists of white knee high socks. The socks manufacturers usa know the importance of these socks for the athletes. So, they even give the option of customization. The main characteristic needed for these socks is durability as they are prone to lot of rough use on field. Therefore, these socks are made of knit fabric which makes them fit for prolonged use. You can find these socks in monochromatic hues as well as printed ones. For team players, the colour and pattern is in coordination with the team outfit. Usually, softer colours are less preferred for this purpose because dirt would show up more easily on these kind of socks. Being made of high quality fabric, as such dirt is not much of a problem. These are relatively easier to wash and stains and dirt particles don’t adhere to the pores of the fabric.


CHIC ANKLE SOCKSAnkle length socks
These type of socks are short in length and end just above your ankle. You’ll find lot of women tennis players endorsing this style of socks. This type of socks gives you ample opportunity to flaunt your curvy legs when worn with shorts or mini skirt.


If you are in retail business, then it is advisable you have all the types of wholesale socks in your stock as you never know what your customer demands.