All About Organic Cotton Clothing: Why Does It Matter

An eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion is organic apparel made out of organic cotton. It benefits health to a great extent. While non-organic materials are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides during the farming and manufacturing procedure, organic cotton is free of such toxic additions.

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The Logic Of 100% Cotton

100% cotton cloth contains cellular materials and no polyester. Such an item is biodegradable and can easily withstand multiple washes. Cotton is one of the most famed materials and for good reasons, but remember, not all cotton is created equal.

If you are wondering “is non-organic cotton toxic?” then know this, it’s based on how the cotton is grown, what kind of fertilizers are used, and what types of dyes are used to color the print or yarns on the cotton.

Traditional Cotton Is Sustainable?

The farming of cotton needs the usage of water in heavy amounts, which is almost like using 3 years of drinking water! It highly depends on pesticides and chemicals that pollute ecosystems and watercourses!

What Exactly “Organic Clothing” Means

Organic clothes refer to apparel that is constructed using organic fibers. Be it a tee, a hoodie, or any fancy clothing item you are getting, if it’s organic, it’s highly durable. These clothes are not only comfortable but very skin-friendly as well. If you are a person with sensitive skin, like someone who easily gets rashes and allergies, then organic clothes are meant for you. Clothes crafted out of GOTS-certified cotton come with a lovely sheen and are super soft on the skin. One of the most popular organic clothing wholesale suppliers offers a massive collection of quality, comfortable organic clothes that are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides and are made by using low-impact dyes!

What You Get When You Go for Organic Cotton

Since it’s grown as per organic agriculture standards, organic cotton offers a better alternative to traditional cotton. Its production helps to maintain soil health and it doesn’t contain harmful chemical or genetic modification substances. Organic cotton can lessen greenhouse gases by 91% and waste by 46%.

Organic Cotton Is Different from Conventional Cotton

Organic cotton is not only softer but more breathable than conventional cotton. It’s free of harmful chemicals which can lead to serious health issues. Organic cotton farming practices generate a super soft fabric as there is less of a chance for harmful pesticides and chemicals to be used in the growing procedure. In other words, this means that the cotton can be grown without any pollutants which can make the fabric healthy and soft for people to wear.

Most importantly, organic cotton is eco-friendly as it doesn’t rely on synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. By utilizing water conservation practices, the farmers pay attention to their carbon footprint.

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