Beautiful Pattern Trends Perfect For The Spring Season


Winter is not over yet, although that doesn’t man, you can’t stock up on the transitional season pieces that will ultimately help you to play with colors and patterns. These are perfect for creating the ideal maximalist outfits.

One of the popular custom clothing manufacturers have curated a classic collection that you can browse through. So, read on the blog below to know more about the coolest pattern ideas you can incorporate in your personal wardrobe this year!

Fruit Stripes

This season’s iteration of stripes feels like a wave of nostalgia. Bold and bright lines of all colors of the rainbow, will immediately come to your mind. Several designers have adopted to the trend, featuring the print on button-down tops and knit dresses. It’s certainly audacious, so you’ll want to work it in with more subdued separates like denim jeans or black trousers.


Spring is the best season to embrace the softer side of things, so it’s no shock that watercolor patterns are showing up in droves. Consider it a close relative of tie-dye, but with the added effect of blotchy, almost diluted-like edges. You can look through clothing with a dip-dye effect to create random delicate patterns.

Kitchy ’80s Florals

Indeed, you can always count on a floral pattern of some sort to make an appearance around this time of year, and for this season we’re taking a trip to the ’80s. Instead of classically romantic florals, this print is punchy and in your face, the type of floral you can’t help but notice. This is a dream come true for the lovers of maximalism.

Screen Prints

Screen-prints were quite an unexpected hit. Featured on sheer dresses and tunics on the runways, this pattern is no short on drama yet exudes a demure edginess that’s easy to pull off. Whether you choose to dress head-to-toe in prints on prints, opt for a chic maxi dress, or let it sit in as a subtle, secondhand design element to a pair of jeans, don’t pass up on screen-prints come spring.

Get in touch with one of the sought after women’s and mens clothing vendors and browse through the expansive assortment of clothing pieces that the supplier has in store. These are designed owing to the current trends and will definitely make your customers happy!

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