Business Aspirants can Label and Sell these Trending Wears this Fall 2019

What it is to be a ‘market opportunist’ for small clothing business owner?


  • When a market trend emerges, you go grab it before any of your competitors does.
  • You keep a keen eye on celebrities fashion scene. And decide what kind or varieties of wears to wholesale.
  • You do market research that helps you know about the upcoming clothing trends. You wholesale accordingly.


Being a market opportunist gives you an edge in this over-competitive market, wins you many new customers and ultimately ups your revenue and profit significantly quite easily.


Private Label Fitness Clothing


If you are one of these opportunists, here are 5 clothing items that’s trending in the global fashion scene 2019. Wholesale them immediately; or better, order and sell them under your own label name. Top private label apparel manufacturers are offering these varieties at a very convenient price range.


  1. Athleisure Wears- No other clothing varieties can match the craze of Athleisure wears today. A sport or athletic wear worn by people during normal leisure activities, the trend of these wears is tolling high by every passing day. Appealing majorly the young consumers, joggers, sweats, shorts and fitness tees are the must haves for this fall. Top private label clothing manufacturers and suppliers are offering many high quality and stylish varieties of these Athleisure wears.
  2. Jorts- Denim shorts are soaring high in demand these days- and that’s in MEN’s department. Cool, comfy and with top celebrities like Justin Beiber fanning this trend, small businesses must definitely stock Jorts for men.
  3. Flannel Pants- While flannel shirts have been in high demand for the past few years, flannel pants has just entered the party. Appealing particularly the consumers who likes to clad in bold wears, these pants are colorful and eye-catchy and are popular among both the female and male customers. Although full pants are more demanded, you can even wholesale flannel capris and shorts.
  4. Superhero inspired tees- We’re not even half way through 2019 and we already saw some of the biggest superhero movies- Dawn of Justice, Civil War, Deadpool. And superhero-inspired sublimated t-shirts are peaking high demand-wise in the consumer market. Perhaps you already stock them, or you have heaps of customers approaching you for these tees. Bulk them today, if you don’t already!
  5. Sublimated jackets- Gone are days when standard varieties of jackets and hoodies would appeal everyone. With the rise of dye sublimation print, the demand for sublimation outwears has increased with the same pace. They are trendy, bold, comfy, and can stand the wearer out from the crowd and can make her/him look confidence and stylish.


These are the 5 trending wears of this fall, whose craze and demand is unmatched in the consumer market. Contact private label apparel manufacturers, label these wears under your own brand name and start selling. Be a pro opportunist.