Denim Jacket Etiquette: These Are The Rules To Follow

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While denim jackets have been in and out of style often and in fact a countless number of times, it’s 2022, don’t worry, wearing denim jackets is absolutely acceptable today! They are on-trend and very much in style!

However, you can’t partner a denim jacket with just about anything from your wardrobe. You need to be smart and careful to pick the items to pair them with.

Make sure you know these dos and don’ts before sporting one in front of your friends or girlfriend!

Go for distressed jackets

Distressed jackets are creating quite a buzz these days. It’s the time of holes, cuts, and threads sticking out of the denim jacket, the time of sporting a ‘distressed jean jacket’. A noted clothing manufacturer brings a cool collection of wholesale clothing Europe, including stylish distressed denim jackets!

Don’t fall into “different colors” temptation

Make sure you always go for blue or different shades of blue, even though other colors are available, as blue is always considered a classic.

Do team with chinos

Chinos always work well with a denim jacket. In fact, whenever in doubt, go with chinos. They help in creating a greater contrast as the texture they come with is very different from that of a denim jacket. Just make sure that never pick the same color for both. For an instance, a pair of dark blue chinos is a big NO-NO with a dark blue denim jacket. However, thanks to the contrast in texture, you can go close though!

Don’t color match

Still live in the times when a light denim jacket with matching pair of jeans was thought to be cool? Wake up as long gone are those days! This is the era of contrast. If you are considering a faded blue denim jacket, then club it with black or indigo color jeans. Similarly, if it’s a darker color jacket, then partner it with lighter color jeans.

Opt for a snug fit

Like with any other clothing piece, always make sure that your jean jacket fits you just perfect. Keep this in mind, a denim jacket should always be a snug-fit, and should never be too tight. As denim is quite a tough material, if you wear it too tight then it will restrict your movement, which in turn will look awkward to all those around you. On the other hand, if you wear it too loose, then you will give the impression of wearing your dad’s clothes.

Say NO to button-up or collared shirts

Of course, you can experiment, but then a collared or button-up shirt along with a jean jacket isn’t some sight too famous. The shirt will be a total mismatch for it and your outfit certainly won’t feel or look very natural. Even if you do go carefree, with a “I couldn’t care less” kind of an attitude, still, a tip would be to make sure that your button-up shirt gives casual vibes and isn’t something that requires a tie or a bow.

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