Ditch the Boring Way of Sporting Polo Shirt

Well, it works out that the polo hasn’t been gently getting along with things at all, it was changing itself for a successful return. So, overlook simple piques and your motto stag do numbers, the polo shirt has done some grave shapeshifting and now can’t way to penetrate every part of your closet, yet again.


The polo shirts have turned into shorthand for idle, unthinking fashion in recent times. Now though, more thoughtful design choices from wholesale clothing usa manufacturers signify that sporting a polo shirt is no longer a dull sartorial choice.


Polo Shirts Mens Wholesale


Let’s look at some of the styling options we have for this wardrobe staple:

Get rid of the buttons

Unless you are a part of an indie tribute band, the collar on your polo shirt must be open by default. Bafflingly, the open collar polo shirt isn’t a fashionable move, it’s style speak for a pattern with no buttons as its collar at all. The splendor of this plain change is that the elimination of those binding contraptions prevents the polo shirt from giving out stag party vibes.

Mix and match with a suit

In the time of athleisure, the poor long-forgotten suit takes a little beating in the wall of fame. But a polo shirt is just the right thing that gives tailoring the newest touch of a symbolic shade. Reaping off of its benefits is pretty simple. Give black, grey, even navy blue a try over your plain old shirt and tie. It is hard to mess up with shades as well as a tonal polo which mimics the color of your suit and will work wonders as a contrasting design.


Polo Shirts Mens Manufacturers

Look for stripes

If the amount of retina-blazing vibrant menswear currently doing the rounds has sent out any kind of message, that is, simplicity is dead. In a time like this, striped polos are flooding the market with several designs that are proudly and loudly marking their presence!


Mens wholesale clothing vendors who want to include the latest designs of polo in their store can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. Go through their massive collection, pick out the pieces required and place the bulk order. The support team will reach out to you for the same.