Drool-Worthy Dating Outfits For Men: Inspiration From Top Male Celebs

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“What to wear on a date?”, this question can leave you more confused than you would have been ever, especially if it’s the first time with your dream girl. After all, you would not only want to look your best but you would also want to dress according to your comfort level. However, just like how a tuxedo won’t do in a cafe, your casual pants and tee won’t make any sense for a formal dinner.

To make it easy for you, this blog offers information on the top 4 dating outfits that are inspired by your favorite male celebrities.

Chris Hemsworth’s Blazer Look

chris hemsworth blazer

A truth universally acknowledged by all- nobody can nail the blazer look better than Chris Hemsworth! The MIB international actor wore a textured blazer set with soft patterns all over it in a recent event and you can pull it off too, particularly if you are planning to take your girl on a formal dinner date. A pro tip here would be to try shades like dark forest green or wine red and don’t stick to the usual black. This will give you a different appearance than most. Add a color-blocked shirt and don’t go for any bow or tie, just keep it simple. One of the most prominent clothing manufacturers in Florida brings a large collection of quality wholesale clothes, which includes classy blazers as well!

Brad Pitt’s Casual Yet Colorful Look

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For decades, one man who has been ruling the industry with his acting skills, looks, and fashion sense is Brad Pitt. If you like the man then you would notice that most of his casual outfits are always cool and breezy. So, if it’s a long drive with your woman or you are simply going for a shopping date, then you can follow the lead of Brad Pitt and go for a simple plain tee with a faded image on its center, and pair it with trendy denim jeans and a belt. Don’t forget to use a floral print half shirt to accentuate your appearance.

Rami Malek’s Printed Shirt Look

rami maleks printed shirt


From Bohemian Rhapsody to The Little Things, Rami Malek has been quite a name. This American actor, other than enthralling the audience with his fine acting skills, certainly knows how to ace a printed shirt look. Whether it’s an art exhibition date or any other sophisticated place suggested by your lady, you can take inspiration from the Oscar-winning actor and pair your patterned colorful shirt with a solid-colored jacket and pants for a balance. A printed shirt comes with the power to add a bright touch not only to your outfit but to your persona as well!

Ashton Kutcher’s Laid-Back Look

ashton kutcher formal clothing

Whether the idea is to go perfectly casual or prim-and-proper formal, Ashton Kutcher knows how to do it right. If you are thinking about going casual on a hiking or a simple walk date, then make Kutcher your idol and settle for the simple yet fun pajamas, vest, and cap look. This will give you a laid-back appearance and will make you feel comfortable too. Well, other than looking good, who doesn’t like to be his comfortable best?

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