Elegant Ways to Style A Polo Shirt

Over the last century, this smart-informal staple has transformed from Wimbledon court to closet, but not without halting at the peculiar youth subculture en route. As an outcome, it has become embedded in the very material of contemporary menswear, a clash in every well-dressed guy’s summer/spring rotation.

A fraction of the polo shirt’s crossover clothing is down to its adaptability. It is clothing that can work across a series of occasions and outfits, so long as it is styled with deliberation.

Keeping that in mind, we have put together some of our much-loved ways to sport a polo shirt from popular wholesale men’s clothing manufacturers to serve as a convenient point of reference next time you find yourself reaching for yours.


Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Keeping it simple

Do you know what is the best thing about a polo t-shirt? Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t need much thought to make one appear good. It is the kind of clothing that makes it look like you have put a tad bit of thought into attire even if you haven’t. It is an improvement on the tee, but still relaxed and nice.

This is why one of the finest things you can do when fashioning a polo shirt is to take things back to ABC. Teaming one with jeans, chinos, or shorts and your much-loved summer footwear is a formula for timeless, easy style.

All there is to consider is color and texture. Use these two fundamentals to keep a plain outfit from straying into the tedious territory. That said, a subdued palette is at all times a safe bet, simply be thoughtful in your shade matching to keep things exciting.

Tuck it in

At times the simplest of fashion moves have an enormous influence. Case in point, tucking in your shirt. It may sound basic, and it is, but this fast move has the strength to change the feel of attire. Use it to your benefit.

This Ivy League-permitted twist on the tee tuck can turn what is pedestrian attire into something much more considered and individual. Simply ensure your polo shirt fits like a dream to steer clear of surplus material bulging over the top of your pants.


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