Everything that You Should Know About Surf Fashion

wholesale surf clothingSurfing is such a thrilling sport that is loved all around the world. After all, it is one exciting, pumped adrenaline ride. Now, whether you are a novice or an experienced surfer, if you want to know all about the rich history of surfing, surfer style, surfwear trends, and more, read on!

About the Roots of the Surf Style

Dating back thousands of years to the early Polynesian Island and Pre-Incan tribes, surfing has a rich, ancient history. It was more like a form of warrior training and spiritual practice and less a recreational pursuit. With time, this sport spread all across the globe, attracting surfing lovers from all walks of life and giving birth to a bold, unique subculture.

The Rise of the Cool Sport and its Impact on Pop Culture

Surfing gained widespread popularity in the 1950s and 1960s (with some credit going to the booming tourism industry in Australia, California, and Hawaii). To further fuel people’s fascination with the sport and its sun-soaked, carefree lifestyle, the acclaimed documentary The Endless Summer, the classic album of the Beach Boys’ Surfin’ Safari, and Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii helped. Reflecting the spirit of the surfer in its colorful, practical, and simple designs, the surf fashion started gaining traction. Today, many wholesale surf clothing suppliers have brought eye-gripping surfwear collections that display bold colors, tropical prints, and gender-fluid designs.

idea of surf fashionThe keen interest in the surfer style soon permeated the pop culture, inspiring music, movies, and high-fashion runways.

The Evolution of Surfer Style

Over the years, the surfer style has evolved significantly, reflecting the changing preferences and tastes of surfing enthusiasts and the broader fashion world.

In the 1960s and 70s…

In the beginning, casual, laidback, and unpretentious surfing clothing was in high demand. During this time, relaxed-fit board shorts, also known as baggies, were preferred to tight-fitting swimsuits. Vibrant patterns and hues inspired by the Hawaiian aesthetic were crazy popular. International influences like ikat patterns and psychedelic art from Mexico, Oaxaca entered surf fashion during the 1970s. The surfers liked these eclectic designs as they added a touch of artistic expression and flair to their looks.

70s fashion idea of surf clothing

In the 1980s and 90s…

There was an interesting crossover between skate, surf, and snowboard fashion during this time. Many manufacturers started creating versatile clothing and gear that could be worn across various activities. Neon hues and crazy, bold patterns reigned supreme throughout this era. The surfer aesthetic included Hawaiian motifs as well.

2000s and beyond…

The surfer style is the perfect blend of modern trends and iconic elements today. The colorful, functional, and laidback aesthetic from the past is still there but with a cool twist. Keeping in mind the health of the planet, most manufacturers have started embracing earth-friendly fabrics and sustainable practices too.

Man buns, messy buns, and long-surfer hair never go out of style. And, then, of course, the cute cropped styles are also there.

Further solidifying its status as a captivating, timeless trend, surf fashion has also made its way onto high fashion runways in recent years.


Achieving the Coolest Surf-Style Looks this Summer

Wondering how to achieve the best surf-style looks this summer without getting on the board? Given below are all the essentials that you are going to need and a few tips and tricks:

Skimpy String Bikinis

For a hot summer appearance, look for an itsy-bitsy fit in the form of Y2K surfer cool. String bottoms and iconic triangle tops will be great. Go for tropical prints that range from fresh to funky.

fashion idea of skimpy string bikini

Fun Camp Shirts

On scorching summer days, an oversized, lightweight camp shirt displaying graphic prints and bold colors will be a must-have. For an easy cover-up solution, you can throw one of the camp shirts over your swimsuit. You can also wear one with baggy denim for a casual day look.

Vacay-Special Board Shorts

From ultra-functional to highly fashionable, board shorts are available in a wide variety. Consider getting your hands on nylon, silk, or waterproof shorts for this hot season. They will fit any vacation scenario perfectly. For an easy outfit solution, create a full set with a matching shirt or team up with an iconic tee for a relaxed feel.

Cool Graphic Tees

With a simple tee that is decked up with citrus shapes, shades, and graphics, you can truly lean into the surfer style. Whether you are going for an oversized or cropped style, combine it with a bikini and a pair of nice board shorts for a day at the beach. You can also team it up with a cute miniskirt for an eve out with friends.

top quality surf wear

Pretty Beaded Jewelry

For a surf-approved ensemble, candy-colored beaded jewelry is the ideal topper. You can layer up with different fun bead mash-ups and chain lengths. For a classy feel in the funky mix, you can add in your favorite gold pendant. Remember, the more the merrier.

Classic Flip-Flops

Nothing goes better with the surf-style look than flip-flops. They just fit right in with the feel. If you want to give a feminine touch to your board shorts, you can always go for the kitten-heel version.

2024 Surfwear Trends

If you are keen to know about the 2024 surfwear trends, here is the list that you need to check out:

  1. This year, you can see manufacturers incorporating more performance-enhancing features like UV protection, improved durability, etc. into surfwear.
  2. Past surf fashion trends like vintage silhouettes and prints can be seen in modern surfwear collections.
  3. Surfwear that transitions smoothly from the beach to everyday wear can become highly popular.

top trend of of surf wear

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