Factoring Weather Condition before Buying Clothes for Your FIRST Marathon

They say the first marathon is the toughest. So even if you’re preparing like Rocky Balboa before your first ever half or full marathon, don’t expect this big day to be any easier. You’ll sweat buckets, you’ll breathe heavily and your heartbeat will race Usain Bolt.

Aside dedicated training, what you wear on this day will play just as much of the crucial role. So it is rather essential that you spend a significant amount of time picking the right marathon wear.

Factor Weather Condition

One of the most important factors to consider when buying your marathon wears is the weather condition you’re going to be running in. And no, we’re not talking solely about seasons- “hey it’s winter; I’ll wear a jacket and trousers” or “it’s summer; will wear vest and short.”

There are many things that you need to take into account. Like the time of the day the running will start and end; the temperature forecast of the running day, conditions (clear, cloudy or rain), wind speed (no, moderate or heavy).

Also, consider the intensity of the marathon- high or low; if it’s going to be short run or long run.


Marathon Clothing Manufacturers

Picking the type and variety of marathon wears on the basis of running conditions

Marathon clothing manufacturers offer plenty of custom types and varieties to suit individual running condition. They use wicking fabric materials and production methods accordingly that are well adept to tackle different temperature, wind type, and running intensity. Like if it’s a hot day or raining, dri-fitted spandex-made top and bottom would do much better given they tackle moisture really well; if it’s moderately snowing, poly blend is a better option.

Plus, knowing about the exact forecast of the running day also gives you the leeway to pick clothing items accordingly. Like if you’re going to need a cap, winter cap, extra jacket, or gloves or not. Top marathon wholesalers and retailers offer every item under the same.

Also, if you’re a small clothing business owner, somewhat same advice goes to you too. Understand the weather condition before every big marathon and pick your wholesale marathon running shirts and pants fittingly. Contact a good manufacturer today.