Fall’s Favorite Practically-Fancy Outfits You Need to Invest in Now!

Aside from the usual basics and cold-weather essentials that will be re-entering our wardrobes soon, there are also countless trends that has flooded the feeds boasting of exciting new style. These clothing pieces has perfectly bridged the gap between fanciful and practical.

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Chain link accent

While they ranged in shape, color, and size, the common theme of chains was impossible to miss. Most notably, garments and accessories with built-in chains took the in the runaway shows. The trend looks just as good in the new-arrivals sections as it did on the models back in February. Whether you opt for a dress, heels, or even chain-link earrings, be sure to incorporate this one into your wardrobe for a statement look.

The cut-outs

Spotted on everything from heavy knits to formal dresses, this not-so-subtle detail is the exciting trend we didn’t know we would end up needing this fall. As far as shopping goes, and editing your style, remember the sky is the limit. Women are particularly fond of hip-exposing skirts, spliced-up shoulders, and, of course, a peekaboo-blazer moment.


Falls Fancy Outfits Wholesale

Blazer weather

Don’t get rid of your basic blazers altogether, but before you go buying yet another boxy plain black one, consider these reworked versions instead. While deconstruction almost always presents itself as a prominent theme across most seasons. This time, although you’ll see less deconstruction and more reinvention. The modern blazers feature fringed hems, asymmetrical draping, and two-tone color palettes, etc.

Mi amore cocoa

There is always one color that reigns supreme each season, and for fall-winter 2020, that color is chocolate brown. Last year, it seemed like head-to-toe beige was all anyone could talk about. This year, full chocolate look is definitely the goal, but don’t underestimate the power of a stunning chocolate-brown handbag or pair of shoes to complement the rest of the fall trends you’ve been adding to your cart thus far.


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