Fancy Underwear Styles While Taking Cues from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the reality-star-turned-ambitious-businesswoman, is all set to make sure that every woman in love with some “bling bling” can kill it with her innovative style sense wherever she goes.

Her clothing brand in a new partnership with a famous jewelry brand has launched a jaw-dropping line of crystal dresses, bodysuits, and even underwear!

While the body chains and sparkling skin-tight dresses are eye-gripping, what grabs one’s attention the most is the glittering underwear. Each piece is something you have never seen before. Those crystal-encrusted briefs are probably every fashion-forward lady’s dream.

If you have a thing for unique, hot underwear, and thinking about buying a few new styles soon, then check out the list given below:

Sexy thongs

A woman who has no issues with minimal coverage? Well then, thongs are right up your alley. These babies leave little to the imagination which makes them the perfect option for some hot nights. Combined with just a chain bra (flaunting crystals, real pearls, or precious metals), you can make your man go weak on his knees.

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Super-hot G-strings

Want something that offers even lesser coverage than thongs and can help create some really ‘raunchy stories on the bed’? Opt for the G-strings. These are designed with very little fabric at the back. Leaner, stringier G-string underwear style is also great at hiding the panty lines. They can go smoothly with your favorite bodycon dress.

Teasy sheer underwear

When you involve sheer underwear, you can take the iconic peek-a-boo game to a whole new level. These seductive pieces are crafted with a see-through material so that your tender skin can tempt and tease your man with ease. Such a style goes great with a lace bra.

Alluring low-rise underwear

Just like how low-rise jeans have been in fashion once, low-rise underwear is making some buzz as well these days. They bring a feeling of thrill and excitement. You can opt for more coverage or go for the super skimpy pieces.

Appealing tanga short underwear

A style that comes right in between a thong and a bikini is the tanga short underwear. The specialty of this type is it offers a fair amount of coverage without being too little or too much. Depending on your wish and preference, you can use them underneath form-fitting dresses or as loungewear.

Racy booty shorts

Finding women’s underwear that can double as loungewear easily? Look no further than the iconic booty shorts. They cover up all of your sensual areas while being sultry and skin-tight. You can pair one with a Demi bra for a tantalizing look. To choose the right underwear, always consider your needs, fabric, design, and the style.

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