Going to Your First Dance Class? Here’s What You Need

We are not all dancers that mean we don’t always have a drawer of tights or leotards on hand. Yet, a dance class is also not your average training session. From turns and leaps to moving your body in ways you could never imagine, you will want to ensure you are sporting the kind of dance clothes wholesale that offers mobility whilst also not coming in the way of each move.

Comfy top

If you are sporting a tight top, ensure it is breathable and stretchy. If you know you are likely to sweat too much and armpit stain grosses you out, opt for something sleeveless. You will be sweating out to the music, hence layers up top is a great choice so that you can change as your body temperature goes up and down all through the class. A sweatshirt, long-sleeved shirt or zip-up hoodie is lovely to have whilst you are only warming up and at the time of cooldown at the end of the session.


Dance Clothes Wholesale

Moveable and stretchy pants

Choose any style you feel great in. Everyone has their pick: sweat pants, Capri, cargo-style, wide legs, flared pants, and leggings all work. Sport shorts of any length if you heat up fast. Just ensure your pants aren’t very long for safety purpose, you want your feet to be free of any fear of stumbling so you can practice all your moves liberally like the elegant dancer you are.


Another item we are likely to forget with our change of clothing, but a clean pair of undergarments is good to have so you can take pleasure in the afterglow instead of regret and discomfort. Pick undergarment that doesn’t require to be attuned whilst you are dancing.

Lightweight, supportive and comfortable shoes

Runners or sneakers are good. Very thin soles can leave your feet thumping, but very bulky shoes can be burdensome. The greatest thing to do is get your shoes correctly fitted so that you have a shoe that works best for your feet, particularly if you have a history of damage. If you have foot conditions (bunions, high arches, or flat feet), you can benefit from a special fit of the shoe, and having that shoe will deeply boost your enjoyment of dance class.

Business owners now add a whole new section to your store for all the dance enthusiasts or the ones just starting. Contact the support team of wholesale workout clothes manufacturers and place your bulk order.