Helpful Tips To Choose The Right Yoga Wear For Ladies

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Whether it’s a downward dog pose, monkey pose, child’s pose or any balancing yogic posture, the tricky moves can become more difficult if the clothes you wear to yoga class are too baggy, too tight or extremely uncomfortable. So, fitness-devoted women like you who sincerely take part in yoga sessions are advised to garb in proper yoga attire that lends you comfort, ventilation and freedom of movement.

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Let’s start off with few simple guidelines related to what you should wear to the yoga studio to carry out beneficial yoga postures without any discomfort.

• Stick to stretchy and breathable bottoms like yoga tights or shorts.
• Go for a moisture-wicking and fitted tank or tee that won’t hang above your head as you’re in upside down position.
• Choose a comfy sports bra that offers ample support for the particular yoga styles you’re practicing.

What You Must Look For  In Yoga Wear?

Most yoga suit sets are crafted with a blend of nylon, spandex and polyester fabrics to provide sufficient comfort, stretchability and breathability. Keep reading to know which are the significant factors you should consider as you go yoga clothes shopping.

Exceptional Comfort

Your entire yoga experience can get ruined if you wear uncomfortable yoga attire. As you concentrate on elevating your fitness and tuning in to your inner self through yoga, obviously you wouldn’t want to bother about scratchy seams or tags; waistbands that are too loose or too tight; and materials that bind and cause chaffing. So, you must look for light and breezy tees, shorts, yoga pants and other quality fitnesswear that are specifically tailored to cater to the needs of yoga practitioners.

Unmatched Breathability

Depending on the kinds of yoga postures you practice, you may or may not sweat heavily. If you sweat a lot while doing yoga, it’s necessary that you wear tanks, yoga bras, yoga pants or other athletic clothing pieces that are made with breathable and sweat-wicking materials to help you remain cool, dry and comfortable. You can particularly opt for yoga pants consisting of mesh pockets to improve ventilation. Avoid activewear made from cotton as it’ll leave you feeling damp and hot, increasing chances of chafing your skin or becoming cold after classes are over.

Incredible Flexibility

Do you have to bend, stretch, bind, lunge or roll during yoga hours? Well, it’s natural to engage in a lot of movements as you implement yogic moves. Thus, you need your fitness bras, shorts, yoga pants, tanks, suit sets and other fashionable yoga wear to be woven with stretchable textile that comprises of at least 15% spandex. This is important as slipping into such yoga wear will surely help you perform diverse movements without any distraction or discomfort.

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