How To Dress Up Your Spring Trends The French Girl Way?

Parisian fashion incorporates a lot of seasonal sensibilities into its outfits. Instead of being too out there, these clothing pieces are all about reveling the season through different styles that are unique to the wearer as well.

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  • The denim on denim trend is perfect for creating a statement outfit comprising of timeless clothing pieces. You can even adorn a beige colored trench coat for those days when there’s a chill in the air. The best way to highlight your outfit is by opting for a pair of neon sneakers.
  • Balloon sleeve tops are definitely the new cool. These statement top wear are super versatile hence can be worn for the office as well as the girl’s night out. The best way to style it for the workplace is by opting for a white shirt with statement lace-lined balloon sleeves which will definitely look cool with fitted trousers. For the party you can stick to the shimmery variants with rhinestone detailing along the sleeves.
  • Tube tops are the next big thing in the spring trend list. You can simply wear it as it is with a pair of denim shorts. However, if you want to style your outfit in the sophisticated way, make sure to adorn a fitted blazer and a straight fit jeans with the outfit to complete the look. Neon make-up definitely works for the spring season with the outfit.
  • The trench coats were always on trend, however, this year you can find the updated version with unique patterns and colors. If you love to play around with flashy colors, then look for the trench coats with elaborate oriental designs. Apart from that you can also find tropical designs that will definitely help you to style monochromatic outfits.

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