Ideal Qualities to Look for When Choosing A Premium Bath Towel

Towels are much unappreciated since people don’t spend quality time in browsing through different options to buy the ideal towel. Buying good quality towels doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Keeping a few important things in mind, you can find the best luxury towels for your bathroom.


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Good absorbency

The main function of a towel is to dry you off, so the towel you choose should naturally have high absorbency power. Absorbency can be checked by checking the label for the fabric used to make the bath towel. Ideally, the premium cotton bath towels are the most absorbent. The weave used to spin the bath towel also affects its absorbency; terry weave is the most absorbent of all. Also, for enduring coziness, check the tag for 100% combed cotton.


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Towel size is measured in GSM (Grams per square meter), which is basically a measure of the density of the cloth. You need to look for high GSM towels, which are of a superior quality and last for many years. The luxury towels available at the online store of a popular manufacturer possess such qualities. You can check out the sample variants to purchase these towels for your store.


Drying time

A good quality towel has the ability to absorb as well as lose the absorbed moisture quickly. Cotton bath towels dry quickly. Always read the label carefully before purchasing a towel for yourself. In case of the best towel, softness should not be the only criteria.


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