Men’s Fashion: How To Look Attractive And Professional

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For some, the concepts of being “professional” and “comfortable” may appear contradictory. On one end, you’ll find men’s terry cloth robes, ribbed henley shirts, and men’s flannel pajamas, which you’d never wear to work. Tailored jackets, starchy pants, and clean button-up shirts are on the other end of the range.

However, these disparities may not have to be so stark. Wearing a button-up shirt with a pair of men’s jeans is one method to combine the professional and the comfortable in a manner compatible with today’s more relaxed dress requirements.

For a long time, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of wearing denim in professional situations. Denim has had a home in all, but the most formal and conventional businesses since the “casual Friday” trend arose in the 1990s. It is now as standard in the workplace as a pair of men’s chinos.

It’s obvious to see why so many professionals were keen to include denim into their workweek roster: not only is denim durable and rugged, but it’s also comfy and naturally conforms to the wearer’s body. A nice pair of jeans from mens wholesale clothing vendors may become an item of clothing that understands your body better than any other and can be a continuous friend from weekends to weekdays and back.

Nevertheless, not every pair of jeans is appropriate for the workplace. Distressed jeans, jeans in a bright hue or lighter wash, jeans with extra features such as paint dribbles, zippers, or embroidery, and excessively tight-fitting jeans are among the sorts of denim to avoid when contemplating professional wear. In summary, you want to choose a pair of jeans as basic and neutral as possible: a timeless dark wash in a straight cut will be ideal for professional use.

Consideration should also be given to the button-up shirt you select to wear with your jeans. When it comes to button-ups, you’ll have more alternatives, but we prefer the notion of matching an oxford fabric button-up with denim. Since oxford cloth is a heavier material with less shine, it complements denim’s more informal appeal while staying polished enough for business wear.

Of course, you won’t be wearing a button-up and a pair of jeans to work indefinitely. When the weather begins to cool, you’ll want to grab a men’s sweater. This outfit looks fantastic with a v-neck or crewneck sweater.

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