Sneaking into the Fashion Trends Introduced by Kids Clothes Manufacturers this Summer

The global fashion scene is no more restricted to the shackles of the grownups, and with the constant exposure to the world through television, movies and animated characters, the kids are leaving no stone unturned to stay stylish and look confident. Throwing tantrums have been their favourite pastime when it comes to selecting the best outfits which the little one would love flaunting. Choosy and fussy as they have become, mothers often face a tricky and challenging situations to opt for the most stunning outfit as designed by the leading kids clothes manufacturers. Growing faster and their constant shifts of interests, often make them nagging enough to dress up for any occasion. Thus, to keep you aware of the recent trends of fashion for the munchkins during spring and summer this year, we got you covered with the highlights:

1. The fabric to beat the heat

A little one’s skin is allergic and highly sensitive to the changing weather conditions. Hence, with the arrival of summer, they often complain about skin irritations and rashes. Thus, the first and foremost thing is to choose the right fabric for them. Gentle on the skin, cotton can be the best material which is highly absorbent and soft to feel. The top-notch kids organic clothing manufacturers are introducing the natural fibers in well known cotton blends and fabrics like bamboo and other natural materials. Bamboo is thermal regulating, and is not prone to allergies owing to their quality of being anti-bacterial. Also, for their playtime at the park, make them wear something in polyester which is breathable and wicks moisture easily.


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2. Easy-Breezy styles

For the scorching heat outside, be it at the school or the birthday party, make sure to deck the little one up in soft and comfortable clothes which will be good for breathability and movement. Following can be considered:


  • Trench rain coats for coverage during spring showers
  • Lightweight, and soft denim pants for any evening occasion
  • Safari and military styled khaki cotton pants for enough freedom in movement.
  • Track pants and suits for the playground shenanigans
  • Stretchable leggings for girls in boot cuts and capri styles to enable enough elasticity
  • Bohemian dresses in thin straps for comfy feeling
  • Shorts and bermudas for the boys with singlets to keep them away from sweating
  • Short rompers for the girls with easy straps.

3. Colors to play with

When it comes to choosing the color options for the clothes for kids on summer and spring, make sure they have enough color pop. The lively trends speaks of bold, bright and funky colors which would reflect the essence of the positivity which spring brings along with it. Also, these colors doesn’t absorb heat, and it is recommended to avoid dark ones like maroons, black and dark navy blues.

4. Graphic prints ooze with richness and exquisiteness

Summer and spring being the seasons of charm and liveliness, should come with a range of prints and patterns which are close to nature and water. The designers craft clothes adorned with natural sceneries, sea creatures, under water lives, tropical motifs, with a lot of greens and blues which sooth the eye amidst the dazzling heat of the sun. The prints must speak of subtlety and not flamboyance!