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5 Mistakes You are Doing if You are not Wearing Proper Fitness Apparels

A gym is one of those places where you can witness several fashion disasters. It’s quite funny to see how men and women try to combine their different apparels with several clothing accessories. However, on trying to make a fashion statement many of them make incredible mistakes. So here’s how some wrong gym clothes can sabotage your exercise plans completely.


Hitting gym in pure cotton t-shirts
A genuine cotton t-shirt may appear to be an ideal active wear for its lightweight. But let’s get real. Though cotton is capable of wicking away sweat and moisture, it is unable to release the water through evaporation, causing the wet cloth cling close to your body and making you feel irritated. So you can opt for technologically advanced fibres like Dri-fit, CoolMax and Capilene that can not only soak up the moisture and later evaporate it but also offer flexibility of movements to the body with their stretchable quality.


Wholesale Fitness Apparel


Those business owners who are intending to stock up on wholesale fitness apparel and clothing accessories can contact a top rated online clothing manufacturer and place your order in bulk.


Wearing revealing tank tops
A short tank top may not be a modest choice when you are bending down to do push ups or sit ups. It is very important to check if your t-shirt reveals too much of cleavage as this can be quite distracting for others while too uncomfortable for you. So choose a top that comes with higher neckline to prevent the risk an indecent exposure.


Slipping into baggy sweatpants
Slouchy sweatpants are a strict no-no if you are making your way to the gym. The hems of loose pants can catch on to various exercise machines like stationary bikes and restrict you from performing an activity with dedication. They can also lead a woman to trip over while running on a treadmill and result in serious injury. Instead, you can go for body-fitting capris, shorts or long pants in different colors from your fitness apparel manufacturers online.

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Considering thong underwear
Though some women consider thongs to be the best options under slim-fitted pants or shorts, they are certainly not the best choice for a working out at the fitness centre. When you sweat during an exercise, the rectal bacteria travel along the thong, causing infections to grow. Thongs can also aggravate an existing irritation. So it is best to slip on seamless, moisture-wicking underwear which makes panty lines invisible through your pants and allow you to move your legs freely.


Tying T-shirts around the waist
Tying a long sleeves t-shirt around the waist has the similar effect that a pair of baggy pants have. Here the sleeves can get caught on to the machines, leading to dangerous consequences such as leg twists and some serious injuries. So even if you are wearing your long sleeves t-shirt to the gym, take it off before exercising and leave it in the locker.


With so many prominent wholesale fitness apparel suppliers offering an exclusive collection, retailers can find amazing choices to extend their stocks without going beyond their budget.


5 Tips to Choose the Best Fitness Clothes

Proper fitness apparels are important for a safe and easy workout. Whether it comes to tops or leggings, exercisers need just the kind of clothing which can improve their comfort while working out, boost their performance and also make them feel stylish. If you have opened up a clothing store, it is a good idea to order these apparels from wholesale fitness apparel suppliers. These 5 tips will help you to choose the best fitness outfits.

Wholesale Fitness Apparel

Check the material
Other than elastin, you should look for polyester or polyamide in the construction. You should ideally go for outfits which come in a blend of 10% elastin and 90% polyester. The material is an essential indicator of quality and performance, and can determine the durability and strength of the clothes.


Consider the technology
In the last two decades, yarn technology has progressed a lot. The blend of Lycra and Supplex is what you should look for, as this combination offers an amazing level of softness and comfort which is unmatchable in any other type of textile. Although outfits made with this kind of technology are quite costly, exercisers can be assured of much superior quality.


Check the brand
With reputed fitness apparel manufacturers, exercises can be assured of high-performing active wear. Look for brands that offer clothes with moisture wicking Dri-fit technology, which is able to take moisture from the inner to the outer surface and allows fitness enthusiasts to remain comfortable and dry. Many manufacturers also offer sun protection feature in the some of the fitness apparels they produce.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturers

Think about the style
Irrespective of whether you are buying low waist pants, high waist pants, capris, full-length legging or Yoga pants, you should make sure they are stylish enough in appearance. With cotton leggings having elastic waist bands, fitness enthusiasts can stay very comfortable and get more flexibility in movement.


Consider the cost
Finally, you cannot give the cost consideration a miss. Although quality should not be compromised for expense, you should always choose the type of tops and leggings which stand as the most value for money products. Those available in superior materials and designs are more expensive than others, and branded apparels are also pricier to buy. You need to allot a budget and stick to it while buying fitness clothing. Ultimately, you should not stock up on outfits which offer the best bang for the buck but cannot be afforded by customers in general.


Celeb Fitness Apparel Styles in tune with Athleisure Trend: Decoded!

With the celebs flaunting their workout-chic moments , following the latest athleisure trend, even the fashion aficionados can try out his style with ultimate verve and flair, quite effortlessly. Amidst the packed up schedules of working out , going to the office or any casual event or party, these days, the global fashion scene is going through the athleisure which has become one of the most sought after street style quotients. Be it the celebs or the runway models, no one is witnessed to be keeping away from this, then why not you? The top-class wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers are producing unique and humongous collections of active wear pieces , so that strutting into any event directly from the gym doesn’t become a headache.

Fitness Apparel Manufacturers

Now, amateurs might be going through a perplexing phase to befriend this athleisure trend, isn’t it? Trash your worries aside, because we have got the best looks flaunted by the hot and charming celebs recently:

    • Taylor Swift

You will completely covet her awe-inspiring athleisure look , where the pretty singer gives us major inspiration to hit the gym as soon as possible! In a self structured tank top and matching capri, she teamed up a navy blue jacket efficaciously. Now, you must be thinking which is the striking effect? Yes, here comes the one- a cute little cherry red mesh slouched beanie, and funky kicks for an effortless pulled-together get up. Be it a coffee meet-up or a movie from the gym, do anything effortlessly with this athleisure get-up.

    • Kendall Jenner

One of the most stylish celebs who is definitely giving us constant and regular head-turning appeals , did the aithleisure trend too quite smoothly. She was recently witnessed a sports bra, with a simple shrug layered from over with high-waist yoga tights. You can try this look also with a cropped tee instead of the sports bra for a different appeal.
wholesale Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

    • Jessica Alba

Known for her simple yet impressive athlesiure style, Jessica Alba flaunts her poised figure in a printed cropped tank tee with dame patterned capri tights, with neon waist band for a much needed color popping. Not to forget her loose fit mid-length black shrug layered from above!

    • Khloe Kardashian

If you are thinking of hitting the roads for a an adventurous bike ride just after the gym, then opt a smart yet sexy look like Khloe, does the simple workout look in jet black crazy printed crew-neck sweatshirt and yoga tights. To bring on a touch of pep and funk, go for fluorescent shaded kicks.

    • Gigi Hadid

For a casual and sporty get up in the winter , do the athleisure style with elegance and a dash of panache like the hot celeb Gigi Hadid. She effortlessly throws up ankle length cooties with track pants and layered with a long tailored coat for a very appeasing stance .

  • Hailey Baldwin

She opted for neutral shades in her athleisure style, by matching up jet plain black leggings with a cropped creamy white hooded sweatshirt and grey bomber jacket for a smart and urban-chic finesse.
Just not the celebs, but the credit goes to the popular and leading fitness apparel manufacturers for helping the fashion-forward women to pull off any look easily from the workout sessions. Wait no more and try for the hot-shot combos like the celebs!

5 Best Fabrics Used by the Fitness Clothing Manufacturers for Gym Clothes!

A fitness freak’s wardrobe is never complete without a bunch of gym clothes like sweat shirts, track pants or running shoes. Just as there are myriad fitness techniques, you can notice a huge variety in the workout apparels too. However, when it comes to fitness apparels, one gives the highest priority to the comfort factor that is derived from the clothes, while one is engaged in their movement exercises.


Nowadays, with the help of the experienced designers and advanced technologies, the fitness clothing manufacturers are coming up with trendy designs of fitness clothes. What more is that, one gets ample options in the fabrics and select whatever suits their specific needs. So, if you want to know what are the best fabrics for fitness clothes, then just take a look here!


The top fitness apparel manufacturers have brought a wide range of cotton gym wear that are organic and healthy. Sweating is compulsory when the body is in motion and this is why fitness clothes need to have high moisture wicking capacity. Cotton fabric is not only light and breathable, it also absorbs the moisture from the body and keeps it cool and dry. Apart from that, cotton being an organic material is easily available and affordable by all. If you have a fitness centre of your own and want to bring a fresh vibe in your collection, then get hold of wholesale cotton fitness clothes from the reputed manufacturers.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturer


Bamboo is another source of natural fabric that is widely in use. The fitness apparel manufacturers are choosing bamboo pulp for its lightweight, durability and most importantly its moisture wicking capacity. To top it all, bamboo fabric has a unique quality of guarding the harmful UV rays of sun. This organic fabric is temperature-friendly and keeps one cool by providing enough breathing room. The inventories of the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have various gym clothes crafted with bamboo. You just need to find out the right company and place your bulk order.


Among all the synthetic fabrics, nylon is the best to afford maximum comfort and ease of movement to the wearer. Breathable and highly absorbent, nylon can be the ideal choice when it comes to stylish fitness apparels. Nylon lasts longer and are flexible enough to provide support to the muscles during rigorous exercises.


Bright and smooth, polyester is another supreme quality fabric for manufacturing fitness apparels. The best thing about polyester is that these are breathable and wrinkle-resistant. Polyester fabric does not absorb sweat, rather helps it to evaporate from the skin. Many of the gym-goers choose polyester for its capacity to protect the skin from UV rays.


This super stretchable fabric is perfect for yoga clothes. Also known as Lycra, spandex is used ubiquitously to manufacture fitness clothes. Most of the top-notch companies are offering vivacious range of spandex shorts, tank tops, yoga pants and other gym apparels which have become widely popular.


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What Can You Find in the Inventory of a Top-Notch Fitness Clothing Manufacturer?

Nowadays more and more people are getting conscious about their fitness due to which the demand for fitness apparel manufacturers has increased considerably. Without proper clothing, you cannot practice your fitness regime. Even if you do, you probably would be compromising on comfort quotient which is of utmost importance. Hence, it should not be ignored at any cost. In addition, wearing the right clothing can prevent possible injuries, chafing and discomfort. Also, the more comfortable you are while following your fitness program, better the outcome would be. Your fitness regime could be a gym workout, yoga, pilates, running, brisk walking, jogging, zumba or any other similar program forms. Each routine has different needs and demands based on which you should make the choice for your fitness apparels. Here are few types which we are going to discuss.

Pair of Shorts with a Tank Top

If you believe that running will help you stay fit, then reinforce this belief with shorts and a tank top. A tank top that is loose and allows free air movement will help you tremendously during running by keeping you cool and fresh. This way you don’t get tired that easily making room for more and better workouts.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturer USA

Fitted Clothes for Yoga

Yoga and pilates requires great flexibility of the body. Loose fitted clothes for this routine would play a spoiler while getting the postures right. Instead, one should go for clothes that just fit the body snugly. At the same time it shouldn’t be too tight to restrict the movement. Generally, for this purpose tights are worn. The fabric of this type of clothing being extremely flexible doesn’t interfere with any kind of movement.

For Gym Workouts

Are you the type who loves sweating it out in the gym? Then to ease your workout session you must invest in the right type of clothing. Track pants that just take the shape of your body are just fine. They are available in full-length as well as three quarter ones in any fitness clothing Australia company. With elasticity in the material of the pants, they allow adequate movement. If you are a girl, then ensure you have got the apt sports bra for yourself. Besides, there are tank tops and tees for all.


Since fitness clothing can be an expensive affair, its advisable to look for wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers online who can get you the products you want in the prices you desire.


Flattering Fitness Wear-workout in Fashion!

People work out to tone down for health and fitness and the reward is to get into the fashionable attire that you are eyeing from a very long time. But you can also make your workouts look fabulous and cool if the fitness wear that you gear up for has the perfect fit and at the same time lends you comfort. When being fit is deemed as being the in-thing then why not include fashion and fitness together in workouts. Here are some best examples of workout apparels that are a craze with fitness freaks.

Alala for the busy bee

If you are really busy all day long and don’t get the time to change after a heavy workout then Alala is the best option where you can look effortlessly cool from your cardio workout to the conference meet and the cocktail parties too. Laced with neoprene, mesh inlays and edgy prints it is an urban chic collection for sure. You can find this unique stuff with the online fitness clothing manufacturers who are always there to get you top-notch fashion at your doorstep.

Outdoor fitness apparels

If you are sweating it out, then this HPE (Human Performance Engineering) is the right pick for you. the designs support body movement by optimizing stretching and compression and at the same time it fights bacteria caused through excessive sweating and at the same time protecting the skin from the UV rays. The fabrics are breezy and breathable for a cool and calming workout.

Fitness Wear Manufacturer

Fashionable and functional active wear

Fitness apparel manufacturers of reputed e-stores get you this popular workout gear that’s creating a rage in the market. The apparel is made of high quality and has a wicking effect. It resists color fading and shape loss and the color-popping mesh detailing lends it the glamorous effect. It comes in the form of leggings and jumpsuits along with a classy lustrous sheen.

Mix and match-to look glam!

This design is the current in-thing that is being sported in every gym and fitness classes. It puts in bright yellow gray sports bra with contrasting paneling on the leggings and at the same time color blocking it in a unique way and the fitness clothing suppliers get them to you in flattering colors that will make it look all the more visually appealing.


If you want to make sure that the materials used for these apparels suit your climate and lifestyle then you can also avail customized services provided by wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers where you can put in your inputs. Order them in bulk and avail the exciting discounts. Make your sweaty workout, a happy one.