The 6 Popular Trousers Which Every Modern Man Should Own

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The latest sneakers and the statement jackets might be your all-time favorites among the mens wholesale clothing but don’t let them make you avoid the essentials. Remember, the right pair of men’s trousers can instantly elevate your look but getting it wrong will immediately dull the shine of the trending pieces that you spent so long chasing.

Yes, you might think now that instead of putting so much effort, you can just wear your tried and tested blue jeans for the umpteenth time but how will that make you look any different from the rest of the crowd? If you want to upgrade your fashion game then try to consider these following cool and classic, most popular trouser styles.

The iconic wool trousers

A firm favorite of the art directors and the fashion icons worldwide, wool trousers offer a throwback to the days when jeans weren’t most common men’s legwear. Perfect both for smartening a casual get up and for styling with the other tailored separates, the wool trousers can offer you a great classy look. While you will often see them dressed down with a pair of cool sneakers, they can also be well-styled in a more conventional way.

Comfortable relaxed-legged trousers

The relaxed-legged trousers are considered to be looking more and more appealing with each passing day by most sophisticated men. But too high and you will look like you are wearing three-quarter lengths and too low will give you the appearance of wearing floor-dragging bootcuts! In order to avoid such a situation, aim for the hem to fall somewhere between the top of your shoe and it’s first set of eyelets! Additionally, to avoid any accusations that you have been playing dress up in your dad’s wardrobe, contrast the extra fabric below by keeping your top half fitted while styling them. A popular clothing manufacturer in USA comes with a terrific assemblage of fabulous men’s trousers.

Sturdy twill chinos

Quality craftsmanship meets reliability and style in case of the twill chinos. Twill is a traditional material that is cut from heavyweight cotton and woven to create a surface comprising diagonal parallel ridges. If you invest in it, it will give you exceptional cost-per-wear calculations, thanks to its sturdy nature. As this style is still a casual trouser, wear them with a piece of knitwear or t-shirt and top with a denim jacket or an overshirt. Add an easy-going pair of shoes for an effortlessly cool off-duty look.

Smart drawstring trousers

The smart drawstring men’s trousers are the best thing to happen to menswear in a decade, without being overdramatic. The drawstrings and elasticated waistbands were confined to sportswear once but these days the drawstring trousers come tailored in a lot more materials. Linen and wool offer the best options at the smarter end of the spectrum. Once you have felt how comfortable they can be, you will never go back!

The ultimate sophisticated linen trousers

A few years back, the linen trousers were sweaty, misshapen bloomers that had no place in a sophisticated man’s modern wardrobe! Fortunately, the designers have done a lot of work on them to elevate their status and now, gone are those shapeless cuts, replaced by modern, tapered leg-lines that look simply flattering on every body type. The linen blends make them less prone to irritating creases and a lot more practical, while they still be as breezy as ever. For a dapper old-timer vibe, try them as part of a linen suit. A more modern way to wear them is cropped, with a plain t-shirt and sneakers.

Cool ankle swingers or cropped trousers

The cropped trousers or the ankle swingers are here to stay and with a good reason. Cropped trousers are a great way to spice up, what can be a tired, boring formal outfit, allowing your ankles to breathe in summer while still giving airtime to your footwear in cooler months. A precise, cropped trouser highlights the line of your trews as there is nothing worse than puddling material at the bottom of your ankle. Getting the length right is vital though.

These pieces lend themselves well to both off-duty and formal settings. Cropped trousers in a beige color will work well with a premium suede bomber, simple white shirt and white sports trainers on the weekend. Black cropped trousers worn with a grey blazer and cherry red dress shoes is just a perfect outfit for a relaxed, business casual office.

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