The Difference Between Yoga and Gym Clothing – How to Differentiate!

Most of today’s manufacturers make both yoga and gym clothing and it might be quite confusing for retailers as well as customers to know what is what. To make sure that there is no confusion, this blog is going to give you a little bit idea on how to differentiate between yoga and fitness clothing.


It might help you pick your stocks better, since you will have an idea of what your customers are more inclined towards. Now let’s take a look at some of the differences –

Wholesale Yoga Clothing Manufacturers

1. Yoga clothing is more stretchable

Wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers make sure that that their apparels are always stretchable all the way – the reason being that most of the poses involve a heavy amount of complex movements and that is what these producers keep in mind. Most of the yoga clothes have a single yarn texture without seams, because it makes it stronger for stretch movements. Gym clothing on the other hand is stretch resistant, but not as much as these apparels. You can always practice your joining movements and minor stretches with ease though!

2. Color choices differ

Since yoga is all about the peace of mind and body in perfect sync, color choices of yoga clothes are extremely harmonious to the eye and do not seek attention or seem dull at the same time. Gym clothes on the other hand are band opposite and some people like to stick to neutral colors like they were uniform while others are always in need for some bold colors and keep it real in the gym!

Yoga Clothing Manufacturers

3. Cuts and designs

While most fitness clothing manufacturers keep their yoga clothes top-wear within the range of V necks and crew necks, gym clothes come in all shapes and sizes. From round necks to deep cuts, there are plenty of options for everyone. Now, you might think why that is the case and the reason is simple – because gym going people need more gratifying clothes that will give them a hint of their bodies when they are flexing it out during their sweat sessions.


These are the three stand out differences between these two genres of clothing today. However, manufacturers are making sure today that they can fuse both these qualities into one single type of clothing and that way, they can please all their customers at the same time. But for now, its best for you to keep this at the back of your mind for your next bulk orders.


In conclusion, while there may be some overlap between yoga and gym clothing, understanding the key differences can help retailers and customers make informed choices when selecting their apparel. It’s important to keep in mind the specific needs and preferences of your customers when selecting clothing for your store, and to work with reputable wholesale manufacturers who can provide high-quality, durable, and stylish options to suit a variety of needs.