The Fall Special Wholesale Workout Clothes to Enable Stylish Gym to Street Looks

The athletic clothing these days can transcend easily from the gym classes directly to the casual events, and this has been possible due to the trending athleisure style statement. According to reports of the statistical data of the activewear fashion market, sales of the athletic clothes account for more than $45 billion in one year, till June 2017 and this proves the major and massive growth this market has witnessed.


With each season, the athletic closet essentials also tend to drastically change: in Fall the shorts are replaced with sweatpants, whereas the muscle tees get layered with the track jackets. Now, with temperature dropping, you also get exposed to some of the trendiest style statements of activewear that can easily help you to do the preppy and comfortable athleisure fashion quotient at different parties, beaches and other casual events, too.


Here are some of the most hip and happening wholesale workout clothes range that you need to add to your collection this Fall for best street-smart looks.


Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

The botanical influence

Moving from the sweet and colorful florals of summer and spring, now we have entered the Fall activewear genre with the athletic clothing pieces that come embossed with the lush botanical, even jungle, patterns. Be it the leaf patterned neon leggings, or the colorful abstract tree printed sports bra or jacket, you can show your love for nature through these botanical themed athletic clothes. Great way to replace the florals for a major change!

Extended sizing is the new cool

There are a number of designer wholesale brands in activewear genre that have come up with the extended-fit sports bras and they are continuing to trend. These sports bras have just changed the dimension of size to bring in more convenience and comfort to the lives of the women, and also they come in different cuts, shapes and silhouettes. From simple racer backs, to the strapless or the hooded ones, you get an array of options to choose from.

The smart workout clothes

There have been few ways technology is supercharging activewear recently and this has brought in the widest range of smarter workout clothes for the fitness freaks fusing style and comfort in balanced equations. From the leggings that act as slimming shapewear, to the properties like sweat wicking, butt lifting, thigh firming, core supporting, tired-leg relieving being delivered, these highly advanced activewear conform on a lot of positive functional aspects to wearers. Be it the compression fabric that reduces rick of injuries and helps in smooth flow of oxygen, you also get clothes made of sweat-wicking, anti-microbial materials and in seamless clothing construction without itchy tags or scratchy stitches.


Wholesale Workout Clothes

Go green

Today, even fashion has become environmental friendly, then why shall the activewear items be left behind? Today, the eco-conscious athletic pieces are made of organic materials like recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool, bamboo fabrics with the aim to prioritize sustainability. Also, these clothes are better for the skin and ensure more comfort and durability with rough usage and multiple washes.

Some doze of motivation

Talking about athleisure, who doesn’t like to wear the special motivational clothes to the streets? The Fall tees and jackets today come in inspirational slogans, messages, quotes, taglines and other texts that help the fitness freaks spruce up their spirits and uplift their confidence level, too.

Some bling

If you want to go somewhere in the usual gym clothes, you would love something extra. To boost athleisure trend, the fitness clothing manufacturers have brought in flashy and embellished gym clothes for extra dose of glamor.