The Problems of Ordering Custom Clothes Wholesale: A Briefing

Where can I design my own clothes?

Back in the days, that was a prominent question for the majority of clothing business owners. However, now, in abundance of custom apparel manufacturers, that question has taken a backseat. The more important and relevant question today is…

How to design your own clothes?

Because as easy as the process may look, it isn’t. Not at least if you’re limited in budget and want to fit the ideal needs of your target audience adequately. And that, perhaps, is the biggest problem of ordering custom wears wholesale. Every seller wants a unique collection. But no one really wants to go through the process of making the collection unique.

Thankfully, as tricky as customization of your clothing wholesale could be, it’s also pretty straightforward if you know the basic of what’s and how’s of this process.

Design Your Own Clothes

The first point of consideration is…

Market Demand

There are so many apparel business owners who personalize their wholesale just for the sake of it. They just want their collection to be distinct in the crowd. With that sole goal, they put in very little thought in how they are customizing their wholesale, what colors and design they are using. And above all, they fail to observe – or care – that whether or not there’s a market demand for their self-designed clothes. Because let’s admit it—yes, people want to be fashionably different in the crowd. But they certainly don’t want to look like a clown or a weirdo in absurd staples.

So, one of the most important things of ordering custom clothes is knowing if there’s a market demand for that. If no, you should stick to the popular varieties of women and men’s tops, bottoms and outwears. If yes, the next step is to identify the unique demands.

What does your target audience want?

Success in the apparel industry is not about what you can offer to your customers; it’s what your customers want. This approach is the only way to drive more sales and beat market demand.

Make Your Own Clothes


So, once you know that your prospects are really bored of the available varieties of clothes, you must put enough of your time in researching on what kind of exact varieties are these people looking for.

What color do they like, what designs do they want to sport, do they prefer high quality over price, or are they looking for cheap clothes; would it be nice if you design your t-shirts wholesale with multiple colors or do people just want plain-color tops.

These are few of many questions that you must answer before actually ordering your personalized clothing wholesale. Because you don’t want to end up with a pile of varieties in your warehouse that no one wants to buy even at the cheapest price. Believe it or not, this is the biggest reason why many of today’s clothing business owners fail.

All in all, much like any business, in clothing retailing and wholesaling niche, the key to success is research. The more research you do, the better you will understand the market demand. And the better you understand the market demand, the more efficiently would you be able to supply. And at the end, your whole venture would turn super profitable.

So, don’t ask where you can design your own clothes. Ask how you can do. Finding a good manufacturer who offer personalization option isn’t difficult these days. Customizing your wholesale is!