The Ultimate Work From Home Capsule Wardrobe

For the past few weeks, many of you are adjusting to the WFH lifestyle. Honestly adjusting to this might be hard because nobody feels energetic working 9 hours in just a cozy pajama set. However, there are certain in-between outfits that are definitely going to help you get back the spirit to work well from home.

Capsule Wardrobe

Hence, clothing suppliers have curated a unique assortment of fashionable yet comfortable outfits that are perfect for including in the WFH capsule wardrobe. Retailers can also invest in it to surprise their customers.

  • An outfit comprising of oversized tee and sweats will definitely help you to be at the top of your game, while keeping you relaxed as well. Women who love pastels can simply choose shades like pinks, lavender, and mint green and even sunshine yellow. This outfit can be worn post the work session as well, simply because it’s comfortable.
  • If you love chinos then the best top-wear to combine it with is a shirt. Look for the cotton, satin, cropped or even the sporty shirt. A buttoned down shirt is great for styling a boring outfit. If your mind speaks colors, then look for the printed variants. The satin shirts are great for opting for a luxe touch, especially for those days when the video calls are abundant.
  • Knit pants are great for pairing with a tank top and cardigan. Steer clear from anything that is boring-colors! And opt for shades like mustard yellow, purple, aquamarine blue, moss green etc. This outfit is simply great not just for working but for all those virtual dates as well.
  • Oversized poplin shirt and leggings. This outfit definitely screams comfort. You can even clench a wide statement belt around the waist and take a few selfies for the feed’ as well. This is actually the time to style all your OTT leggings which you were otherwise too shy to flaunt at your Pilates class!

Retail customers who want to stay ahead in the league and offer the best collection of outfits to their customers can contact one of the popular casual and dance clothes manufacturers. All you need to do is state your bulk custom clothing needs so that the creative team can curate signature clothing pieces for your store. You can even avail discounts on the bulk investment, hence hurry!