Thirteen Mens Fashion Trends That Are Going To Be Big This Year!

Is it like you feel uninspired seeing the staples of your wardrobe and you want something new, interesting and inspiring? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many men worldwide share the feeling with you. However, the best men’s fashion trends that you can watch out for this year, come like a ray of hope in this ‘dire situation’.

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You will get to experiment with styles that you have probably never considered before and those pieces that were pushed back to the very corner of your closet will be taken out for sure. Whether you just want to look great on the weekends, need to dress up for office, or have a special event coming up, the fashion trends below will surely be of help:

A Cropped Version Of Men’s Wear

A TikTok follower? You must have noticed how more and more men are going for cropped top wear. Be it tanks, button-down shirts, or jackets, guys are coolly sporting this distinct style. Whether it’s just a sneak peek at the waist or exposing the midriff, fashion-forward men are rocking it. The specialty of this one is, no matter what kind of physique you have got, lean or muscular, you can easily go for it with a little bit of confidence.

Mesh Play For Some Teasing

Mesh dresses, tops, sweaters, tanks, and every mesh style have been dominating the women’s fashion scene for the last few years, and now it’s time that mesh makes its way into men’s clothing. In the collections from famed designers such as Etro, Mike Amiri, and Rushemy Botter, this feature has been a central point. While it has a slightly bohemian touch to it, it can take on a grungier congruence with a bit of styling. If you like adding dimension and texture to an attire, it’s time to rejoice!

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Tie It Up

Okay, wearing a tie was considered so uncool till the last year. Even for work, most men hardly used to wear them. The shirt’s ‘front two buttons undone’ was considered both hot and classy. However, if you were someone who showed your loyalty toward this little piece of clothing and wore it almost everywhere, then you will be glad to know that designers are encouraging modern men to go for them. Ski jackets, fur coats, and even men’s tunics are reliable partners.

The Belt As A Cool Accessory

Since women were always found to be more fashion-conscious than men (well, not talking about the current picture), they have long known that a belt’s capability is much more than just something that you use to keep the pants in place. Men catching up will finally see this accessory as jewelry, something that can be used to take an outfit to a different level altogether. Imagine wearing a simple shirt and denim jeans to a club with a belt that displays a crazy color or studs.

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Embracing The Crossbody Style

There was a time when most men grimaced at the thought of wearing a crossbody bag. It was considered feminine. Fast-forward to recent years, this opinion has changed to a great extent. And, this year, the ultra-fashionable style is getting a glow-up. Not getting? Leather will be replacing nylon and a strong strap will be taking the place of a plastic clasp. Whenever sporting it, just remember, this is not a bag to wear with a suit. That’s definitely not trending!

When Outdoor Fun Meets Fashion

Do you enjoy fishing in a fishing vest? Famed brands, pulling inspiration from the popular outdoor activity, have included them in runway looks. From dungaree-styled to sleek yet oversized versions, you will be amazed at the variety. If you don’t want to spend loads on designer styles from that famous boutique, you can always go for a more affordable version that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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Back To The Staple Colors

Have you always been into dark, muted, or neutral colors? Is it like you had to force yourself to go for the vibrant shades just to blend in with the rest? As per reports, those bright hues that dominated the wardrobes for so long are now going to vanish, and in their place, browns, greys, and blacks, are again going to rule. Yes, those grey suits, black coats, and brown jackets are waiting for you to take them out of the wardrobe!

South Korean Fashion Inspiration

South Korean menswear style is highly appreciated and slowly making its mark all around the world. From Lee Jung-Jae to BTS Jung Kook, noted Korean men have been inspiring many. The luxurious combination of black and gold, oversized shorts, and chunky sneakers from Seoul are expected to leave an impression. The best part? What you can’t get from land-based establishments, you can easily get hold of from the top online stores today!

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Make Way For Men’s Blouses

Ever heard of men’s blouses? Sounds weird? Well, you can expect to see a new category in men’s clothing soon! On the menswear runways, blouses were found to be the new definition of ‘’cool’’. Silk blouses are likely to replace silk button-downs (think drapes, cinched waist, and a long hemline). It’s meant to be for you if you love to be quirky now and then.

Say Hello To The Halter-Neck Style

Just like how women have halter-neck tops, get ready to see yourself in a halter-neck shirt or coat. Yes, you heard that right. They can be an absolute game changer when it’s about style and fashion. Showing off your arms and enhancing the outer edge of your collarbone, they will give you a fun, unusual appearance that is bound to surprise your girl pleasantly.

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Mind-Boggling Beanies

A beanie is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to style yourself with something minimal yet chic during the warmer months and something through which you can stay warm throughout the colder months. News is, the skull-hugging caps will be back with a bang this year and you will be able to see some impressive-sized logos and eye-popping colors.

When Bracelet Shows Time!

You don’t have to go for a watch and multiple leather bracelets together if you are not in the mood! You can just go and grab a bracelet watch instead! It will do the double duty of a bracelet and a watch, saving you from all that trouble. Besides, when women can go for thick straps and a wide dial, why can’t men go for a sleeker style? They have their charm anyway! You know what? Never be self-conscious.

A Gen Z Athlete With The Tall Socks

For all socks lovers— tall socks are going to be a big thing this year. It won’t be an ‘’I am a surfer from San Diego’’ style but more of a Gen Z athlete look. So, to wear in an athleisure way, scrunch your sweatpants or joggers up slightly, and next, pull your tall socks over the top of the elastic. An add-on tip will be, don’t be too prim and proper with it, you must give off an effortlessly cool vibe.

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Embracing the above-mentioned trends, you will be turning all the heads and grabbing the eyeballs for sure! And business owners if you want to make your male brigade happy, it’s time to bulk up on some cool clothes for men that are trending and are here to stay!