Trendy Tenniscore Outfit Ideas for Summer This Year

wholesale sports clothing suppliersThe tenniscore fashion trend has made an incredible comeback. It merges iconic sports clothing with a touch of quiet luxury. Known for its preppy elements and clean lines, this style displays tennis skirts, polo shirts, and a wide number of tennis-inspired looks that talk about both chic sophistication and comfort.

The contribution of films and celebs in popularizing this trend can’t be understated. During press tours and on the red carpet, Hollywood A-listers such as Zendaya and Hailey Bieber have been witnessed flaunting tenniscore aesthetics, showcasing how sportswear can seamlessly transition into high fashion. On top of this, movies depicting the sophisticated atmospheres of serene tennis courts and country clubs further result in the appeal of the trend, letting it give off a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe.

The recent social media frenzy around Law Roach and Zendaya’s looks on the Challengers press tour proves that the tenniscore trend is on the accent. Thanks to the perfect storm of pop culture moments, even off-court styles such as preppy tennis sweaters and quarter-zip sweatshirts are growing in popularity.

Oh no! You don’t need to actually play tennis to take part in the trend but by investing in a few prime tenniscore fashion items where functional design details and performance fabrics play a huge part, you can rock it like a pro. Take a look at the list below that talks about them and some awesome summer tenniscore outfits:

Tennis Sweater with Wide-Legged Trousers, Workout Leggings, or A Maxi Skirt

Rely on preppy stripes, tennis whites, and quiet luxury cotton fabrics when it’s about knitwear. Be on the lookout for oversized cardigans with striped trims and iconic pullovers as you can perfectly pair them with wide-legged trousers, workout leggings, or a maxi skirt.

designing idea for tennis fashion

Tennis Skirt with A Tank Top

Whether a traditional tennis outfit or the more in-vogue tenniscore ensemble, both are incomplete without a cute tennis skirt (or skort). As they are versatile, you can wear them almost anywhere. While the built-in shorts and the moisture-wicking material make them great for tennis, pickleball, and golf, the cute pleated part is just as amazing for walking the dog and running errands. If you are going to get engaged in the former, pair it with a tank top, and if it’s the latter, you can pick whatever you like, up to you!

fashion idea for tennis skirt

Retro Tennis Sneakers with A T-Shirt and Long Skirt

A new crisp-white pair of sneakers is a must-have this summer. And, when you grab a retro tennis style that was designed decades ago to be worn on the court, they bring a vintage country club vibe to your appearance and of course, keep you ultra-comfy. Well, how about going all-white? Combine your sneakers with a sleeveless t-shirt with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit long skirt.

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Athletic Sunglasses with A Knitted Vest and Jeans or A Tennis Dress

Remember the futuristic wrap-around sunglasses that everyone was putting on last year? The news is, they have evolved into something sportier in 2024. With the demand for these athletic sunglasses rising like crazy, they have become one of the most popular accessories of this year. Whether it’s a V-neck knitted vest and jeans you are going for or grabbing a halter-neck pleated tennis dress, these glasses will surely be the cherry on top of your tenniscore outfits.

top design of athletic sunglasses fashion

Court-Ready Accessories with Everyday Tennis Dresses

Workout dresses (especially tennis dresses) have taken on an old-money aesthetic. Look for iconic colors with preppy details like polo collars and zip fronts as these are going to make them even more convenient to dress up or down. Court-ready accessories such as white crew socks, workout headbands, and visors will help to tie your whole look together. You can also consider the oversized hair bow that Zendaya wore during the press tour of the Challengers movie.

design idea for court ready accessories

Tennis Whites for Giving that Touch of Extra to Your Look

Well, tennis whites may not be necessary for your casual hangout place or the neighborhood court but they are certainly encouraged since it’s tenniscore. Also, the crisp white color can instantly elevate any basic look, making it timeless.

Try the above-mentioned ensembles to rock the tenniscore aesthetic this hot season!

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