Trunks And Boxer Briefs: Are They The Same? What Should I Buy?

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You might mistake the trunks and the boxer briefs for one another at the first glance (i.e if you aren’t a pro in this field already). Both of them fall somewhere between briefs and boxers in the category of men’s underwear. These underwear styles offer a greater snug fit which in turn results in the ultimate flexibility and movement.

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When it’s about trunks v/s boxer briefs, each style comes with its own set of benefits. But which is better for a slim fit and which is better for men with thicker thighs? For working out, should you wear boxer briefs or trunks? How do they each fit under shorts and pants? To know all about it, read the blog till the end.

Why And When To Go For Trunks

Trunks are similar to boxer briefs, with just a shorter fit. Trunks are particularly suitable for men with shorter builds.

If you are a man with a lean body type or with slimmer thighs then trunks would be a great choice for you. Because of how they are constructed, you would never have to worry about that irritating riding up or bunching. You can move on through your day with confidence, comfort, and ease, knowing that your underwear is with you and won’t lead you to any embarrassing situation.

Trunks are shorter than boxer briefs. The hem here falls just above the widest part of your thigh. If you have short legs or are on the shorter side then trunks would be suitable for you. They would be an ideal choice to accentuate your muscle and add real comfort to your particular body type.

Under a variety of shorts and pants, trunks can fit seamlessly. If you prefer to play sports or exercise in shorts that hit higher on the thigh then make sure to go for trunks instead of boxer briefs.

When And Why Should You Invest In Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs have a longer fit than trunks. This particular men’s underwear style would be more suitable if you lead an active life and have muscular, taller legs. Most men all over the world prefer boxer briefs over boxers. After all, they offer full coverage, a snug fit, and greater comfort than any other style.

Why bear with boxers that cause chafing or ride-up when you can easily switch to boxer briefs? They are just the best alternative. Whether you are relaxing at home or are at the gym, their tighter fit means that they will perfectly be in place.

If you have a larger build or have muscular or thick thighs then boxer briefs can offer protection that’s both comfortable and breathable. This is because boxer briefs are long enough to extend to the widest part of the thigh. In other words, you can say that boxer briefs are trustable enough to remain in place all day long.

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