Unique Bag Styles That are Definite Head Turners

Bags are a companion that are always with us in one form or another and thus, it makes a lot of sense if people want to work on their bag style to get some points for their fashion. However, in most cases, fashion magazines bring suggestions only for people who are rich and famous! This makes it very hard for regular people to follow since Louis Vuitton is not something everyone can afford. But, this blog is willing to make an effort to even the balance and suggest styles that one could easily get in retail stores – so that even if it isn’t LV, people would at least ask you where you got it from!

Orange and Brown Hiking Backpack


Here’s a look at the top picks from the catalogs of the best bag manufacturers USA:

1. Orange and Brown Hiking Backpack

Made for all the travel junkies, backpackers, hikers, and roadies, this bag is definitely one of the very few hike bags that combines style with utility and functionality. Housing plenty of space in it, the bag also combines the brown and orange magically to make the bag look new age and a complete head turner in any crowd.

2. Check Printed PU Luggage Bag

Inspired by some of the popular bag collections, it is one of the most classy and sophisticated luggage bags we could find in bag manufacturer catalogs. It goes with kinds of airport looks and is the perfect companion for whenever your next flight is due. Not just that, it has a lot of space to help carry the belongings of more than one person.

The Canvas Executive Briefcase

3. The Canvas Executive Briefcase

Created for office goers who want to walk-in in style, the canvas executive briefcase generally comes in brown or tan colors and is a great alternative to hold all your office requirements, including your laptop and other important things. You can find this bag on the lists of many top wholesale bag manufacturers, and the bag has gained massive popularity because of its cool and urbane look.

4. Army Duffle Bag

A camouflage print duffle bag that is large enough for week long trips and tough enough for hikes and climbs, it is one that will never let you down. Durable and light weight, the bags make gives perfect balance for carrying it around and the space which it houses is good enough for any trip you can think of. Plus, if you are travelling in natural landscape, then the camouflage is going to work out very well for you and your luggage won’t be the reason you will be spotted by some wild animal.

All of these bags are great for style, but have their own unique functionality that also makes them an important accessory to own. It isn’t one where it’s all about show and you will have to think more about the safety of the bag than about being alive!