Warm Weather Essentials For Summer 2021

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Sunny days are here, which means it’s time to ditch the heavy clothing and update your wardrobe with light, summery pieces. As the temperatures climb and the idea of wearing any outfit at all becomes more difficult, make sure to stock up on your go-to dresses, stylish loungewear, and shorts that are perfect for summer.

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Refresh with a new patterned dress as it’s an all-in-one outfit. Some of the current favorites include the modern styles of gingham, plaid, stripes, and florals. Accessorize with rich tones that can be paired with anything all summer long.

A classic white button-up is a staple. Update for summer with breathable fabric and a silhouette the can be easily dressed up or down. Complete the outfit with white denim and simple accessories.

Stand out this season with a bold color or two, which is effortless to achieve with a good dress. Juxtapose the punchy hue with accessories made from natural materials.

Jumpsuits are another great outfit, but in the summer heat we prefer the jumpsuit’s younger cousin, the romper. To keep it from looking too young, stick to just a few sleek accessories. Look for the pastel pieces to complement your summer tan complexion.

Shorts can be very divisive. For those who typically avoid shorter hemlines, try long-line shorts-the wider leg is breezy even on the hottest days. A billowy blouse elevates your look while making sure your clothes won’t be sticking to you by lunchtime.

The warmer months tend to allow us some extra time outside. For a day of outdoor leisure, choose a wide brim hat for sun protection and keep it easy with simple silhouettes.

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