What Does American Football Apparel Include?

Football apparel encompasses a wide range of clothing items that are worn by players which includes shirts, jerseys, pants and stockings. It also includes garments that are worn by supporters of the game and fanfare community that includes t-shirts, hats and tops. Apparel needed by players for the sport of gridiron (American football) would include:


Jerseys: Football jerseys are short-sleeved and worn over padding for protection. They are always in a uniform color and feature the name and number of the player. It is important for the jerseys to be big enough so that protective padding can be worn underneath it but should be tight enough to provide a snug fit. It is usually made of spandex or mesh material having moisture wicking ability so that no matter the temperature, the players can remain cool, dry and comfortable.


American football clothing also includes compression t-shirts that are worn under the protective padding equipment and it can be short or long-sleeved. These are made from breathable materials and designed to make the player’s feel warm during cold playing conditions while still allowing moisture and swear to ventilate.


Pants: The football pants are made of tight-fitting spandex material and it extends below knee level. They are designed with pockets so that protective gear can be inserted easily. These pants are color coded to match the color of the team and form a part of the uniform by which the team is recognized. American Football Apparel

Stocking: For professional playing, football socks or stockings need to be knee-length in height but for players playing in college, community or high school football leagues, they are required to wear ankle or above ankle-length. Leading designers and manufacturers have developed socks with grund-breaking seamless technology that offer supreme comfort, fit cozily and allows the player to run with greater freedom and ease.


It is mandatory for amateur or professional players to wear the right American football apparel for comfort and protection when out on the field. The protecting equipment is necessary too for the protection of the players during the intense contact that occurs. If you are the owner or coach of a football team and looking to create a unique uniform for your team that will make them easily distinguishable from the opponent, get in touch with renowned manufacturers and wholesalers and enquire for custom options for the best results. You can get highest quality, customized American football clothes at wholesale rates if you place bulk order.