Women’s Guide to the Best Studio Workout Clothes

Jumping, running and squatting your way through the studio is hard enough and adjusting your clothing on the way can be really irritating. Activewear can make or break a workout, but it’s difficult to know what the best workout clothes are with all the options that line store shelves.

Wholesale Womens Gym Clothes


To help you make the correct choices, one of the popular wholesale gym clothes suppliers has come up with a vast collection of clothing that retailers can have a look at. So, let’s read on the blog below to know the women’s guide to the best studio workout clothes.

  • A pair of leggings with the cute cutouts looks amazing, but how will it feel during your workout? Start by looking at what it’s made of. Some fabrics are made to handle intense sweat sessions by wicking moisture away from your body, while others simply hold it in, making you feel sweaty and gross. Cheap workout clothes might feel good on your wallet, but not so much on your body.
  • Cotton is best for low-intensity workouts. This fabric sops up moisture like a sponge, making it an uncomfortable choice for super sweaty workouts. Wicking fabrics are best to get rid of sweat. If you just can’t stand that sticky feeling of sweat, this is the material for you. Workout clothes made from nylon, spandex, bamboo, and polypropylene are all known for their ability to wick moisture away for your skin so it can evaporate.


  • There are some things you shouldn’t skimp on, though. Good outerwear might be worth the splurge if you exercise outside frequently. Investing in items that are waterproof and windproof, while still being breathable, can make your workouts much more enjoyable.
  • For men and women alike, you should always consider how the workout clothes feel when you’re wearing them. If they’re not comfortable you’ll be less likely to wear them, and getting motivated to work out is hard enough without adding that worry to the list.
  • Consider the type of workout you’re doing before picking out an outfit. That strappy top might be cute and perfect for yoga, but it might not hold everything in place well enough during a HIIT session. For higher-impact workouts that require more movement, look for workout clothes made with nylon or spandex as they’re stretchy enough to allow a full range of motion, while also providing support.

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