Your Sartorially Fashionable Guide to 2020’s Biggest Menswear Trends

It is no secret that ‘style trends’ possibly isn’t the menswear community’s much-loved idiom. In a world where spending money in eternal, premium pieces will at all times trump keeping tempo with style, jumping onto every passing bandwagon tends to be looked up with a definite degree of contempt.

But not all style trends are made equal. The solution to keeping hold of your sartorial self-esteem lies in the capability to productively differentiate between the future classics and the fleeting fads. To give you a push in the correct direction, we have made a cautiously selected edit of the mens wholesale clothing worth including into your closet this year, and why you must give them a try.

Vertical stripes

The reasons for accepting the vertical stripe trend are twofold: initially, it looks amazing and offers a plain, sophisticated way to experiment with prints, the second thing, it has the pleasant bonus of shaving few pounds off your look, making you look slimmer and taller.

For bonus points, go for styles with stripes of changing width. Or just stick to iconic stripes, or even seersucker, if you like to keep things delicate.

Wholesale Womens Fashion Clothing

Noughties resurgence

We have been living in the middle of the 1990’s throwback craziness for longer than we care to remember now. Tailoring went all Chandler Bing, sneakers ballooned up and it was impractical to attend a festival without being surrounded by ironic bucket hats and retro track jackets.

This year, though; things are on the turn. The trend of two decades clock is still ticking to the nanosecond and as an outcome, we are going to be observing a revival of millennium fashion. Exactly what form this will take is anybody’s guess but as long as it doesn’t exhibit itself as deep V-necks, shutter shades, and popped polo collars then we are happy.

Vests for layering

This summertime will be the time to excavate your singlet. Not to be worn on its own, keep that in mind. Leave that to the gym dudes. The vest is back with a reprisal but this time it is all about making depth with your summer shirts. A boxy Cuban-collar shirt put on over a white vest is set to become your new beloved thing once the warm climate ultimately returns.

Retailers make sure you incorporate these important pieces of clothing alongside wholesale womens fashion clothing to make sure all of your customers are happy with the updated collection of your store.