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Flannel Clothing

Alanic Global has acquired a strong reputation in the fitness fashion industry over the years. With unperturbed services to offer to the retailers and business owners, we boast of an inventory that stuns, to say the least. We have a wide range of clothes available, which further strengthens our position in the circuit. As wholesale flannel shirts manufacturer, we have a lot to offer. Our motive is to assist retailers to grow their business and make a mark on this enormous and competitive fashion industry.

The flannel clothes in our inventory is wow-worthy

We rule the flannel clothing scene with our clothes. Though we primarily steal the spotlight with our flannel shirts wholesale collection, our inventory also includes other apparels like skirts, pants, and jackets. Each of the pieces stands out with their unique design and bright colors. The use of textured flannel fabric further gives them a fine and smooth finish. The wholesale flannel shirts are highlighted on comfort and work well regardless of the weather. Nifty incorporation of plaid with vivid shades renders a stylish appeal to the shirts. The flannel clothes perfectly balance comfort and style, making them a worthy investment. From the pants to shirts, all are further categorized into men and women’s sections, which not only give us an edge over the competitors but also will surely spoil you for a choice.

Our flannel shirts are top notch too

Our collection of flannel shirts is huge. The shirts for men retort to using the classic and timeless designs and colors. However, our catalog is not only limited to men’s department, but we proudly present wholesale women’s flannel shirts, too. The shirts are top notch in their construction, which impresses you as well as the customers. From subtle undertones to vibrant shades, the plaid flannel shirts women collection is no less in their appeal. The shirts ensure a perfect fit and have added embellishments as well to reflect on the feminine approach of the same. You can personalize the shirts with your own designs and inputs. Our designers are more than keen to use your unique ideas to craft something innovative and elegant.

Start your private label brand under our schemes

Be it men’s designer flannel shirts or women’s flannel shirt, you can get it all from our inventory. We have a vast network of operation with main offices located in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our retailers are situated all over the world, thus making us a global brand. Under our umbrella, you will not only grow but reach new heights of success. You can start your own private label business and impress more customers with the unique flannel shirts. We provide the equipment, but you give us your own designs and incorporate it on the flannel shirts, making them innovative, helping build your own brand.

You can become a distributor with us

You can also become a distributor with us by your side, working as your primary manufacturer and supplier. You can make bulk purchase of the flannel shirts from us and further distribute it amongst other retailers and business owners. With our inventory and facilities offered, provisions to creating bulk personalized clothes, you will surely be successful. Get the distribution kit and start enjoying the business benefits at the soonest!

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