Cute Dotted Baby Suit



The Alanic Cute Dotted Baby Suit is an aesthetically tailored slim fit stretchable outfit. Fabric is light weight and allows freedom of movement.It is an all-rounder, can fit with every occasion and is strikingly durable and gives the infant a smart look.

Less lining to reduce itching.
Lightweight and durable stuff.
Thigh bands comes with interior taping, guarantying comfort.
Relaxed feeling because of special light weight fabric.
Dri-fit fabric keeps your body dry and fit by wicking the sweat.

Fabric info
Durable and comfortable.
Special light weight and tropical stuff.
Comfortably stretchable.
Prepared from special dri-fit technology.

Product Details
The Alanic Cute Dotted Baby Suit is a beautifully fabricated and designed product to make your infant look astonishingly smart. It fits the contours of the body providing comfort and confidence. Soft material and taping at thigh bands make it a comfortable fit.

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