5 Absolutely Essential Underwear Tips For Men

You must admit it guys that when it comes to underwear, most of the times, your hand reaches for the same thing. It is always the same color, the same style, even the same size. You don’t experiment, even when the underwear is clearly not a proper fit! Okay, it is understandable that there is hardly any detailed information available out there, so you make do with what you know. But don’t worry! This short guide will educate you on when to buy underwear, how to find the right size and how to take care of it.

When to buy underwear?

If you find your underwear to be stretched, faded or has more holes than fabric in it then it is time to buy new underwear. Now most of you will find it hard to part with your favorite pair, but remember, never let sentimentality rule you when it comes to trunks, boxers, boxer briefs. Be absolutely ruthless if the underwear doesn’t look sharp, fresh and in shape. Some experts even believe that the appropriate time to replace underwear is after 25 washes. After that it is believed that the underwear starts to lose its moisture-wicking properties. The shelf life of a good piece of underwear is 6 months and you should be discarding your underwear twice a year. When you use it beyond that, the fabric starts to lose its elasticity first. Even when you feel tempted to wear it a couple of months more, it’s not a healthy practice! If you are a private label business owner reading this blog, thinking about from where to grab stylish and comfortable wholesale private label underwear then make sure to reach out to only the top among the private label underwear manufacturers in USA!

Always pay attention to the fabric

Today, fabric choices for men’s underwear is no more limited, but what you should keep in mind that you should not be choosing just any fabric, but when out for underwear shopping, you should be keeping your eyes on 2 fabrics—cotton and elastane. Remember, any boxer, brief or trunk that has 8 to 10% elastane is a superb choice. If you are unable to find a piece of underwear without elastane then look for cotton, especially for your regular wear. It prevents infection and offers the best ventilation. Additionally, cotton doesn’t trap odors and averts itching unlike synthetic materials.

Take care of the underwear size and cut

A good beginning point to check the underwear size is your waist. For an instance, if you go for trousers with a 32 inch waist then that’s the size you should be trusting in underwear. Reliable underwear brands will always come with a size chart. You can use it to find out which underwear size matches your measurements perfectly. It is highly recommended that you buy just one pair first if you feel like trying a new brand or style of underwear. This will make sure that the size you select is actually the size that fits you. After you are okay with the fit, go ahead and confidently add as many pairs as you want. Though size is an essential factor in underwear but it is not the most crucial element as most underwear available these days is stretchable. Each size comes with a 20-30% margin. It is the cut that ultimately decides your comfort level. So be very careful about the kind of cut you buy.

Trunks, briefs or boxers?

More than often, you want to stick to the underwear style that works for you the best always. But you should be always experimenting, not only because you may discover a size that suits you better but also because not every style of underwear works with every type of clothing. For example, formal trousers are better teamed with trunks, but wearing them with briefs is a habitual mistake, most of you make. Another common one is thinking that trunks and boxers are interchangeable, when they are not! The boxers have a slightly looser fit and are great when you are sleeping or relaxing. Out of the 3 major cuts- boxers, trunks and briefs, make sure you choose your ideal one smartly!

Keep it clean

Incorrectly washed or unwashed underwear is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungus. Some reports have even proved that over time, underwear collects microscopic particles of faeces. Laundering them is vital! Use a mild detergent and warm water when washing. Never put it in the washing machine as it stretches out the material and deteriorates the elastic faster. Taking care of your underwear, you will not only have clean ones but it will also keep it free of dirt and sweat, offering you a cozy fit.

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