5 Best Fabrics Used by the Fitness Clothing Manufacturers for Gym Clothes!

A fitness freak’s wardrobe is never complete without a bunch of gym clothes like sweat shirts, track pants or running shoes. Just as there are myriad fitness techniques, you can notice a huge variety in the workout apparels too. However, when it comes to fitness apparels, one gives the highest priority to the comfort factor that is derived from the clothes, while one is engaged in their movement exercises.

Nowadays, with the help of the experienced designers and advanced technologies, the fitness clothing manufacturers are coming up with trendy designs of fitness clothes. What more is that, one gets ample options in the fabrics and select whatever suits their specific needs. So, if you want to know what are the best fabrics for fitness clothes, then just take a look here!


The top fitness apparel manufacturers have brought a wide range of cotton gym wear that are organic and healthy. Sweating is compulsory when the body is in motion and this is why fitness clothes need to have high moisture wicking capacity. Cotton fabric is not only light and breathable, it also absorbs the moisture from the body and keeps it cool and dry. Apart from that, cotton being an organic material is easily available and affordable by all. If you have a fitness centre of your own and want to bring a fresh vibe in your collection, then get hold of wholesale cotton fitness clothes from the reputed manufacturers.

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Bamboo is another source of natural fabric that is widely in use. The fitness apparel manufacturers are choosing bamboo pulp for its lightweight, durability and most importantly its moisture wicking capacity. To top it all, bamboo fabric has a unique quality of guarding the harmful UV rays of sun. This organic fabric is temperature-friendly and keeps one cool by providing enough breathing room. The inventories of the wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers have various gym clothes crafted with bamboo. You just need to find out the right company and place your bulk order.


Among all the synthetic fabrics, nylon is the best to afford maximum comfort and ease of movement to the wearer. Breathable and highly absorbent, nylon can be the ideal choice when it comes to stylish fitness apparels. Nylon lasts longer and are flexible enough to provide support to the muscles during rigorous exercises.


Bright and smooth, polyester is another supreme quality fabric for manufacturing fitness apparels. The best thing about polyester is that these are breathable and wrinkle-resistant. Polyester fabric does not absorb sweat, rather helps it to evaporate from the skin. Many of the gym-goers choose polyester for its capacity to protect the skin from UV rays.


This super stretchable fabric is perfect for yoga clothes. Also known as Lycra, spandex is used ubiquitously to manufacture fitness clothes. Most of the top-notch companies are offering vivacious range of spandex shorts, tank tops, yoga pants and other gym apparels which have become widely popular.